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Small Business

The Short List: How to Choose the Best Person for the Position

The interviewing process can be a long one especially for senior-level job candidates and professionals that have unique skills.

Small Business

Cost Effective Training Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses do not have the training resources that large corporations enjoy. Likely, your personnel budget is much more modest, requiring a more innovative approach to instruction.

Small Business

How to Motivate Your Employees

Motivating your employees can prove challenging, especially if you are seeking to get more work out of them.

Career Planning

7 Job Interview Tips for Prospective Employees

Tweet A slowly recovering economy, tax headwinds and a mixed national mood continue to affect the job market, but for the savvy prospect there are opportunities awaiting them. The following

Small Business

Should Your Business Keep its Casual Fridays?

Tweet Fridays were usually chosen and the term, Casual Friday, began to find its way into the business lexicon. Casual Fridays are still in action today, but some businesses have

Business Services

What Staffing Do You Need to Start a Business?

Tweet Now that Charles Phillips Oracle former co-President has transitioned over as CEO of Infor, we can follow his example and see how he develops and expands his new company.

Achieving Success

10 Time Management Tips for Busy People

Tweet Seriously, each of us can probably use some guidance on how best to use our time, saving precious minutes which seem to be hard to come by for those

Achieving Success

Why You’re Still Broke This Far Into the Recovery

Tweet Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s opportunities. That’s true too, and it may not get better for several more years, a grim prospect for many older Americans with not too many

Money News

How to Survive a Double-Dip Recession

Tweet How are you reacting to bad economic news? Still, no matter how poorly the economy performs, there are always opportunities for enterprising people to survive what may prove to

Money Management

Managing Your Money During a Job Search

Tweet The first step in stopping that cycle is effective and consistent money management. Hierarchy of Life The hierarchy of life is comprised of three levels or platforms. From the

Career Planning

Lost Your Job? 6 Ways To Deal With It

Tweet By Nitin Aggarwal Everything from how you manage your time and resources will help determine whether this layoff is a temporary setback or a potentially long-term hardship. It’s OK to

Career Planning

Office Gadgets Are The Workaholic’s Fetish

The office, I’ve decided, is where most of us spend our time – up to one-third of it on any given day. Whether working for a company or from home, most people do seem to do most of their productive work (especially in Internet marketing) at a desk.