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Career Planning

Favorable Job Forecast For 2011 Announced

Tweet The headwinds for job seekers may begin to ease in 2011, at least that is what the online career site, CareerBuilder.com, is forecasting in their annual job forecast released

Career Planning

7 Steps to a New Job in 2011

Tweet 2010 is fading into oblivion, yet another year for the history books. This year marks the third consecutive tough one for many people who have had to weather an

Career Planning

Manage Expectations When Looking For Work At Year End

Tweet People who are looking for work as the year comes to a close are facing a harsh reality: unemployment is nearing 10 percent and the job opportunities are scarce.

Money News

Bleak Job Outlook Portends Weak Christmas Shopping Season

Tweet Holiday shopping may take a hit in 2011 Consumer Reports is reporting that American consumers are managing their finances better, but a worsening job picture and falling retail sales

Career Planning

22 Ways to Blow Your Next Interview

Tweet Unemployment remains high which means when candidates finally snag an interview, they need to be mindful that lots of other people may be applying for the same job. These

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Turned Down For a Raise? Seek These Instead.

Tweet It has been more than two years since your last raise, your company having frozen all salaries in the face of tough economic times. You’re grateful for your job,

Fun Stuff

5 Tips to Help Balance Your Work/Home Life

Tweet Are you feeling stressed? That doesn’t come as a surprise given that the economy is still in the doldrums and businesses are trying to do more with less. Bloomberg reports

Business Services

Small Business Costs: Employee Benefits

Tweet Even before an employee begins her first day of work, she has already cost your company some money. Recruiting expenses including newspaper and on-line ads, agency fees and background

Career Planning

7 Tips To Help You Overcome The Job Loss Blues

Tweet With unemployment hanging around ten percent, chances are you know someone, somewhere who is without a job. Maybe that someone is you. Even if you’re not unemployed, there is

Money News

Policy Institute Urges Minimum Wage Increase Delay

Tweet On the surface, a minimum wage increase sounds like the right tonic that the doctor ordered. Delving a little bit deeper and it soon becomes apparent that while some

Career Planning

Age Discrimination And Your Job Search

Tweet For someone going through a career transition who is in their forties or above, one very real challenge they may be facing is ageism or age discrimination. Impacting men

Career Planning

Handling Workplace Change During Tough Times

Tweet Make no mistake about it: we’re in an economic recession, one of the toughest ones most people have faced in their lifetimes. For anyone who has yet to reach