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Featured Small Business

What You Need to Know About Buying a Franchise

You have decided to leave the confines of the 8-to-5 work world or perhaps you have tired of your early retirement and want to take on life’s next big challenge. Your quest for something better can be fulfilled in buying a business franchise, enabling you to get in on an opportunity you might otherwise not try.

Featured Small Business

Captive Advertising and Your Small Business

Captive advertising, sometimes known as captive audience advertising, has seen better days. These days, ads are served up all over the place and “ad blindness” has set in.

Featured Small Business

When Traditional Marketing Efforts Do Not Work

Newspaper advertising is expensive and not very effective. Television and radio advertising are also costly, while Internet advertising is a hit or a miss. Usually a miss.

Consumer Tips Featured

How to Fix a Credit Report Error

Tweet That information is bought by companies and can have a profound impact on whether you get new credit, are approved to lease an apartment or even qualify for a

Featured Loans

Top 3 Reasons Why a Longer Term Car Loan May be Better for You

In buying a car it’s often wise to consider the financing arrangements first. Before ever stepping foot in a dealership (must less falling head-over-heels in love with a new car), knowing your financing options and carefully planning the details will help to ensure a smart purchase.

Featured Money Management

Better to Build Savings or Pay off Debt

Have you ever cut a pie into equal pieces with your hands bound together? The idea is absurd when everyone knows one hand is needed to steady the pan while the other makes the cuts.

Featured Home Buying

Crime and New Neighborhoods: What to Discover

Ah, neighborhoods. Wide open streets with smooth sidewalks. Lined curbs and street lighting. Nicely manicured homes with fresh coatings of paint and driveways with nary a crack in them.

Consumer Financing Featured

How to Improve Your Bad Credit Score

Your credit score can make or break you, denying you new credit and even keeping you from getting that new job.

Featured Money Management

Why Young Graduates Need to Slash Their Bar Budget

Recent reports show Americans are spending more money than ever at bars on popular beverages like beer and wine (liquor, on the other hand, has actually lost bar market share in recent decades).

Consumer Financing Featured

How to Write a Personal Loan Agreement

A family member or a friend has asked to borrow money from you and you have agreed. While a verbal agreement can work between people that know each other, a written personal loan agreement can eliminate misunderstandings.

Credit Cards Featured

Bad Credit and Your New Car Lease

Leasing a new car is an option to financing, with both paths requiring consumers to have the means to get the vehicle. Those “means” include employment as well as an acceptable credit history required for approval.

Featured Retirement Planning

Finance Management Post Retirement: Is It That Easy?

You can jolly well manage your post retirement finances with the help of a little sagacity and diligence from your end.