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How to Spend the Thanksgiving Holiday

Tweet If you’re looking for some ideas on how to spend your Thanksgiving holiday, then please read on. 1. Host a meal. Most people will spend Thanksgiving with family. If

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7 Expenses to Cut Immediately

Tweet Making more money is, of course, the ideal and an ongoing goal. Cutting your expenses is something that you can do immediately, by attending to the following seven items.

Consumer Tips Featured Classics

How to Save Money on Thanksgiving

Tweet Each of us has much to be thankful for, and this year many of us will spend the day showing gratitude for our families and friends over a holiday

Consumer Tips Featured Classics

Get Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Handled Fast

Tweet Filing a claim can be done quickly and a payment made fast if you have the following to present to your insurer: 1. Your insurance policy. Having a copy

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Should You Make Changes to Your Homeowners Insurance?

Tweet Automatically assuming that your insurance coverage is sufficient year after year may be a given, but it can also cost you in ways that you might not have considered.

Featured Classics The Game of Life

How to Prepare Your Child for a Dental Visit

Tweet For some patients, dental visits never seem to get much better, offering reoccurring feelings of anxiety and dread that can keep some people from receiving much needed oral care.

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Simple Fixes to Cut Your Utility Bill

Tweet These DIY projects can save you hundreds of dollars a year Check out a few of these projects: none will cost more than $50, none take more than an

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How to Stretch Your Christmas Budget

Tweet Quite easily, you can bust your budget, especially if you rely upon credit cards to cover some of those expenses. You can stretch your Christmas budget further this year.

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How to Join a Credit Union

Tweet Your local alternative to banks. Today, there are more than 11,000 credit unions across the country with more than 70 million Americans belonging to one. If you would like

Featured Classics Money Management

How to Minimize Your Investment Risk

Tweet With investments, your money is not insured and can grow much more rapidly and may outstrip the inflation rate. Building savings is typically chosen for liquid and short-term goals.