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Featured Money Management

How Taking Work Disability Can Change Your Personal Finances

Has an accident, disorder, or injury harmed or dissolved your ability to work? Dealing with such problems takes a mental and emotional toll, not to mention its impact on your personal finances.

Budgeting Featured

No More Joint Accounts? How Divorce Affects Your Finances

No matter how long you’ve been married, you and your spouse shared many assets, from your home to your cars to your bank accounts. Now that you’re going through a divorce, you’re not sure how your finances will work: what assets will you lose?

Featured Investments

4 Investment Secrets of the Rich

Decade after decade, the wealth gap keeps widening as the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer. We all want to be wealthy in order to get our desires and live a luxurious and comfortable life where money is not a problem.

Business Services Featured

Is Guerrilla Marketing for You?

An unconventional marketing strategy to begin with, guerrilla marketing is a budget alternative, primarily used by small businesses.

Debt Management Featured

5 Events That Can Destroy Your Finances if You Don’t Respond Quickly

Many of us live paycheck-to-paycheck in these uncertain times. It can be hard to save up money when you’re trying to pay rent or buy groceries.

Featured Retirement Planning

Planning for a Better Life After Retirement? Start Now

Retirement is a time when an individual stops employment completely. However, semi-retirement (reducing work hours) is still an option.

Featured Home Improvement

Is Loft Insulation a Money Saver?

Generally speaking, almost any kind (or any place) of insulation is a money saver sooner or later. If we consult with the laws of physics, the vote for loft insulation (as a money saver) would surely be in favor.

Featured Retirement

Advice for Caregivers: How to Help a Loved One Come to Terms with Moving to Assisted Living

Before a fall sealed the deal, my husband had been trying to get his dad to move into assisted living for a couple of years. Though my father-in-law’s mind was strong, his mobility had really started to decline. Then, he suffered a serious fall, and we knew we couldn’t wait any longer to help him make the move.

Consumer Tips Featured

Role of Consumer Tips to the Modern Consumer

Today’s consumer faces many risks that stem from either scammers, counterfeits, or information theft. E-commerce, proliferation of brands, and globalization are some of the factors that have increased the risks.

Featured Money Management

Ten Totally Painless Tips to Save you Money (and make your life a little better, too!)

The amazing thing about saving money is that it also often has unexpected pay-offs in other parts of your life. You can get out of debt or create a handsome nest-egg while improving the quality of your life.

Career Planning Featured

Great Careers Begin with Successful Interviews

It’s a very competitive field out there and rarely do you have second chances for getting it right in job interviews.

Featured Home Buying

How to Know if You’re Getting a Deal on Your Home Loan

Getting the best deal possible on your home loan could mean the difference between being able to afford your dream home and being forced to settle for something less.

Business Opportunities Featured

Ecommerce Store Career

Ecommerce incorporates digital marketing and merchandising. Over the years, e-commerce has shown significant growth. There are many job opportunities available in the e-commerce industry.

Career Planning Featured

Why Broad Educations Matter

In a time when public school budgets are under constant attack, and extracurricular activities are dismissed as playtime, the US educational system continues to lag in the international rankings.