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Featured Home Selling

Selling Your Home? 4 Speed Bumps to Avoid

Selling your home is a major event in your life and it can be stressful. Moving itself can be stressful, so it’s ideal to minimize stress surrounding selling your house.

Featured Fun Stuff

4 Sneaky Tricks for Finding a Costume on a Budget

Halloween is around the corner and this is such a major holiday for so many children. Though it may be filled with talks of scary ghosts and goblins, most children are excited about the costumes and loads of candy they’ll receive.

Credit Cards Featured

How to Make the Most of Your Credit Card Rewards

Certain banking cards like the credit card aren’t only designed to make transactions convenient. With the right strategic decision, you can use it to reap valuable rewards and perks.

Achieving Success Featured

How to Rewire Your Brain to be Wealthy

If you asked any person walking on the street, “would you like to earn more money?” they would say yes! So why is it that so many people do not earn as much as they want to? Why do most people have hardly any savings, and no investments?

Featured Mobile Devices

How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud Using BIN Checker Apps

The impact of credit card fraud (you choose) can be far-reaching… not only affecting the credit card holder but also the online merchants and the Credit Card Company.

Featured Savings

Money Management for Millennials (How to Bulletproof Your Bank Account)

Millennials are the generation everyone is interested in talking about. Since we were young adults and teenagers, we were immersed in the 2008 world. This was the world of unprecedented financial collapse.

Featured Financial Planning

Do You Still Need to Balance Your Checkbook?

Due to the advent of mobile and online banking, few people keep the custom of balancing their checkbooks at the end of every month.

Featured Investments

Make Your Savings Count by Investing in Mutual Funds

Tweet You can choose the right combination of options that represents your demands and needs. We invest to fulfil certain demands and needs for our everyday life which include comfort,

Consumer Tips Featured

Six Ways To Get That Pay Jump You’ve Always Wanted For A More Steady Income

Tweet For employees who are ready to finally earn a steady income, here are some tips that can be used to put yourself in the best possible position for a

Featured Insurance

Weekly Tip August 14: How to Keep Your Costs Low Following a Serious Car Accident

Tweet Fortunately, there are a number of ways to reduce the possibility of an increase in your insurance premium. In this article, we have curated a list of ways to

Budgeting Featured

How to Estimate Living Expenses: What You Need

Tweet Even if you stay in the same city and buy a new home, you may have a higher cost of living because of the added costs of paying insurance,

Featured Financial Planning

It is Your Responsibility to Take Charge of Your Finances

The biggest gift you can give yourself is to take 100 percent responsibility for your life and circumstances. Too often, people blame others for their circumstances. Money is no different. There is always someone to blame.

Career Development Featured

Two Simple Rules for a Smoother Work Transition

Tweet According to a Forbes article, “The average worker today stays at each of his or her jobs for 4.4 years, according to the most recent available data from the

Featured Insurance

What Happens To Your Family When You Don’t Have Life Insurance?

When you’re young and just getting started with your own career, a life insurance policy seems like one of those things that just doesn’t apply to you.

Featured Retirement

To Accept or Decline an Early Retirement Benefit Buyout?

Corporate downsizing has become a pretty common trend in the modern business world. Sadly, such strategies leave employees jobless with little or no cash to start over.