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Featured Investments

Breaking Down the 50/15/5 Guide From Fidelity Investments

One day I came across a guide from Fidelity Investments, explaining what they call the 50/15/5 guide. The guide explained that you need to use 50 percent of your income to cover all your essential expenses, 15% in retirement investment, and 5% for short term savings.

Featured Health Tips

The Health Connection Between Your Mouth And Body

Ever since you were a kid, you’ve heard about how important regular brushing and flossing are for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. However, did you know good dental hygiene could have significant effects on your overall health, too?

Featured Health Tips

Avoiding the Mid-Life Crisis for a Happy Career and Happy Life

The so-called mid-life crisis is something that people now expect of those who have hit the 50-year mark. It’s typically accompanied with a splurge-buy you cannot afford, as well as some questionable behavior.

Featured Investments

4 Factors to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is not for the weak-hearted. Due to the large amounts of money involved in real estate, an investment decision has to be analyzed thoroughly before being given the go-ahead…

Featured Financial Planning

Bad Spending Habits? How to Gain the Financial Self-Discipline You Need

In today’s world, where products are being pitched at you nearly all the time, it can be difficult to keep a hold on your hard-earned money.

Autos Express Featured

Cash for Clunkers: How to Donate Your Car for Quick Money

Our cars work for us. They help us get to work, to our kids’ soccer games, and to important doctor visits.

Featured Insurance

Where Does Your Money Go After Buying Life Insurance?

For most investment banking specialists, following the financial moves of life insurance companies is part of their daily duties. Some major investment banking firms make the bulk of their profits by managing the accounts of national insurers.

Consumer Tips Featured

What You Should Do In Case You Are Caught Up In a Fire Disaster

Fires are one of the most reported accidents that tend to claim lives and damage property worth millions of dollars in no time when no immediate intervention is deployed.

Featured Retirement

Retirement Saving Guideline for Over 55s

Roughly a year ago in September 2016, the Financial Times reported that the USA is heading towards a pensions’ crisis. The report indicated that approximately 45% of working-age households were without retirement funding.

Featured Loans

Easy Cash: Quick Ways to Get Money in a Pinch

There are times in which you may scramble to make a student loan payment, pay a car repair bill or otherwise have trouble making ends meet.

Featured Home Improvement

What Impact Does a Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Have on Home Value?

Having a swimming pool or a hot tub in a home is every homeowner’s dream. This is especially true when it comes to extreme weather conditions.

Credit Management Featured

Credit Card Balance – Everything You Need to Know

Credit cards have become very common in America today. This trend is a clear indication of the direction in which finances are moving.

Autos Express Featured

The Blue Book: What Affects the Value of Your Vehicle?

When looking to sell a car, one of the things that consumers need to keep in mind is the blue book value. The value of a vehicle will determine how much someone can get for it.

Career Planning Featured

Three Tips To Make A Smooth Career Transition

Making a career shift can be a daunting task for a lot of professionals worldwide. Career transitions usually come with a lot of confusion. Most professionals do not know where they want to go, why they want to reach there, etc.

Autos Express Featured

5 Things the Car Dealerships Won’t Tell You

In the past, many Americans purchased cars from smaller, local dealerships. These places were often family-owned and operated and acted as fixtures in various communities.