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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Income

Like it or not, money is a reality that we all must face. We all understand that the most important things in life are experiences, family and friends, but it’s hard to run away from the fact that having financial freedom gives you time to make the most out of such things.

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Understanding the Different Types of Ownership Investment

Ownership investment, also known as contributed capital refers to the amount of money or assets that an individual contributes towards a company. This may be for the purpose of starting it or to continue running it. This is the most profitable type of investment.

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Annuity Means Safety: Annuity Investment FAQs

The wise ones say, prevention is better than cure. Annuity investments may not give you very high returns, but you have the assurance that you can’t lose all your money by default of a firm.

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Mutual Funds: A Key Investment Strategy

Are you looking for a way to diversify your investment portfolio while still minimizing risk and maximizing returns? Mutual funds may be the way to do just that.

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Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Stress Levels Low During Graduate School

Graduate students often feel an overwhelming amount of pressure coming from practically everyone in their life. Ongoing stress will not only hamper your ability to learn, but it could also affect your physical health over the course of your studies.

Featured Investments

Recent Development in Gold Trading Worldwide

Gold, the world’s favorite precious metal, has known quite some volatile times recently. The metal caught the market’s attention for a multitude of reasons we will discuss in the following article. If you want to invest in Gold in 2016, here are some things you need to know.

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Basic Winter Storm Preparation Information

Climate change all over the world means that one is bound to face a winter storm in America in his/her lifetime. This is why basic knowledge on how to deal with one is vital. Winter storms range from blinding blizzards that may last for several days to moderate snowing that may only be there for a few hours.

Budgeting Featured

Finance for Everyone: How to get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Finances, the big F of adult life, and the big mishap that most adults seem to have trouble understanding or sorting through.

Consumer Tips Featured

The Must Know First Aid Principles You Need to Teach Your Kids

When schools are closed (for weather or other), all the kids are home. As a parent, this can be a bitter sweet moment for you especially when the kids are at a certain age when they are always at an all-time adrenaline high and up to no good.

Credit Management Featured

5 Dangerous Habits That Can Completely Ruin Your Credit

If you are trying to keep your financial life on track, it’s important to stay away from bad habits that could harm your credit rating.

Bankruptcy Featured

Should I consider Debt Settlement?

If you’re struggling to meet your monthly loan payments or find yourself taking up more debt to pay your bills, there is a good chance that you’re already considering filing for bankruptcy.

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5 Tips to Avoid Foreclosure After You Lost Your Job

Foreclosure is a word most people never want to hear or discuss in their life. That is one of the main reasons why most Americans end up losing their homes if they ever come close to dealing with foreclosure.

Credit Management Featured

7 Mistakes That can Bring Down Your Credit Score

Even if you don’t want to buy anything on credit in your entire life and believe in saving up and paying upfront, a good credit rating is still a must-have. Good credit will help you with a bunch of things, so it is important to avoid mistakes that will hurt this rating as much as possible.

Consumer Tips Featured

Should College Students Have a Strict Dress Code?

Every once in a while the mass media and social media go into a tizzy because some college or the other in India is accused of announcing very strict dress codes that seek to limit the freedom that girls especially like to exercise once they step into college.