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Featured Money Management

Financial Stability: How to Prepare for Unexpected Expenses

Life is unpredictable, so it is best to be prepared for almost anything. You never know when you will have a major life changing event occur in your life that provides you with several large unexpected expenses.

Consumer Tips Featured

Budgeting on Social Security Benefits

An injury or a medical condition that leaves you unable to work is not only life changing, but can also drastically affect your financial situation.

Featured Retirement

4 Pertinent Questions that You Should Ask Yourself to Select a Great Retirement Plan

The majority of the Americans are worried about how much money they will have when they reach retirement. You may have a high income now but your present savings will not last long if you do not have a robust retirement plan in place.

Career Development Featured

The Daily Habits of Successful Event Planners

Event planning is one of the most difficult professions. In fact, according to many surveys, it ranks at the top of lists of the most stressful careers. Despite all this, some event organizers seem to thrive. How exactly do they do this? By habit.

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Money-Making Tips to Offset your Mortgage

If you’re a homeowner, you’re no stranger to that cringe-worthy monthly bill—your mortgage. Some seasons are more prosperous than others, but sometimes, unexpected bills hit all at once.

Featured Tax Tips

Tips For Making Business Taxes Less Confusing

Taxes are confusing enough when April 15th comes around each year, but these governmental charges are even more complex when a business is involved.

Featured Savings

Unexpected Events You Will Want A Rainy Day Fund For

While car, life and home insurance provide financial protection for some events, many unexpected scenarios occur that can cause financial hardship. Here are some situations for which you will want to set up a rainy day fund.

Career Education Featured

The Top Ten Benefits of Continuing Your Education After College

Continuing your education after you complete your college degree can be highly beneficial in today’s rapidly changing world. Courses and even higher degrees are readily available online or at local universities offering plenty of opportunities.

Featured Fun Stuff

Shop Online for the Finest Wedding Bands for Men

Buying wedding bands can be quite a task especially if you are buying them for men. You will walk around all malls in your city looking for the perfect wedding band but then fail to get one.

Featured Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip May 15: Love Your Job: Rewarding Careers That Pay Back

Tweet Marketing manager In a marketing firm, people are constantly figuring coming up with new, innovative ideas and finding new trends in society. A marketing manager has a lot of

Featured Investments

10 Unusual & Profitable Investments Opportunities For College

Making lists, planning for the future, considering potential investment opportunities is a worrisome, yet necessary part of life, especially before entering college.

Career Planning Featured

Do you have what it takes to be a Hotel Manager? Find out here

Hotel managers are responsible for overseeing various aspects that keep a hotel operational. These range from overall maintenance to managing budgets.

Featured Money Management

Creative Ways to Invest in Your Baby’s Future

Financially preparing for your baby is more than just making sure he has abundant amounts of diapers, clothes and formula. You should prepare your child for financial stability and independence when he becomes an adult.

Consumer Tips Featured

How To Use Discounts And Save Huge While Shopping

Nowadays most of the online stores are doing their best to help their shoppers gain huge discounts. So if you are good at bargaining or an expert deal hunter, make use of these shopping tips to save money.

Consumer Tips Featured

Contemporary Solutions for Conserving Water in Your Condo

This precious resource has to be saved all the time and here are some new advancements in the field.