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Career Planning Featured

Extreme Jobs for Those Who Don’t Fear Heights: See Through a GoPro

Extreme sports enthusiasts looking for an adrenaline rush may transfer that desire into a number of modern day occupations. These jobs may send a chill up and down the spine whether suffering from acrophobia or not.

Consumer Tips Featured

14 Ways to Save on Water This Summer

It is going to be a long, hot summer, but that is not anything new. What is new are the advanced restrictions your town has placed on water usage, mandating water bans and increasing usage costs to help consumers make more efficient choices.

Consumer Tips Featured

How To Document Your Personal Injury Expenses

When you sustain injuries in an automobile accident, your insurance claims adjuster will request a lot of documentation to support your claim.

Featured Retirement

The Where and the How of Senior Discounts

The later years of your life should be enjoyable as well as comfortable. For many seniors, however, funds are tight and their health is on the decline.

Debt Management Featured

Smart Ways To Get Rid Of Debt Fast

Getting involved in debt is usually a roller-coaster ride. You could end up with high interest rates that only get bigger over time.

Featured Fun Stuff

15 Tips to Help You Save Money

It is the goal of many Americans to save money. Unfortunately, we often are deeply in debt, not making enough money and have tastes that far exceed our budget.

Budgeting Featured

Budgeting Tips: Six Commonly Forgotten Expenses

People are often not able to stick to their monthly budget, and it is often thought that the problem is fiscal discipline. The truth is that many people fail to stay within their budget because the budget was underestimated to begin with.

Consumer Tips Featured

7 Simple Secrets for Saving More Money

Few of us have much money to spare, as we attempt to live within our means on what we make. With money so tight it is imperative that we find ways to save what we earn or we may soon find ourselves unable to provide even the basic necessities for our loved ones.

Bankruptcy Featured

When Should Personal Bankruptcy Become an Option

Bankruptcy is a serious process that should never be taken lightly. It is one of the most extreme ways to deal with overwhelming debt.

Featured Fun Stuff

Cool Father’s Day Gift and Celebration Ideas

Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June, the day when dads are honored by their wives and children. Most years Dad can expect a tie, a new grill, or maybe a day out at the ballpark.

Featured Fun Stuff

Nifty Mother’s Day Gift and Celebration Ideas

Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May, your chance to honor your mother or the mother of your children. Breakfast in bed, luncheon out, or a backyard barbecue are proven ways to mark the occasion.

Autos Express Featured

Six Steps To Take Financially Before Purchasing A New Car

Purchasing a brand new car is a heady experience, especially if you are financially prepared for the event. Before you head out to look at new vehicles, it pays to get your financial house in order.