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Business Management Featured

Connecting With Consumers Through Big Data and Social Media

Big data and analytics play an important role in the successful monetizing of social networks such as Facebook.

Business Services Featured

CRM Software: The What, The Why and The How for Your Business

Today we talk about Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM and software solutions for small to mid-size companies.

Featured Reduce Bills

Bill Bundling: How to Do it the Right Way and Actually Save Money

You’ve probably heard many companies trying to get your attention with “bill bundling” options. They tout lower prices and promise to “save you a bundle,” if you combine several services.

Featured Insurance

Car Insurance 101: 5 Types of Car Insurance Explained

Car insurance can seem easy until an agent starts asking questions that you do not understand.

Credit Management Featured

How Credit Counseling Can Build Your Path to Financial Freedom

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by financial commitments and aren’t sure how to formulate a plan to get it under control, credit counseling can be a great way to take back the reins and get on the path to financial freedom.

Featured Home Improvement

The 7 DIY Home Improvement Rules You Should Absolutely Follow

For every property owner, remodeling projects are an exciting opportunity to transform a simple house into the perfect place to call home. But what looks great on paper or on a vision board doesn’t always translate into the reality of home improvement.

Featured Home Improvement

Futuristic Indoor and Outdoor Home Designs

Architects are not only highly imaginative, but also intuitive when it comes to understanding their clients’ necessities and desires. To the untrained eye, some houses may look like ensembles of random geometric shapes, but there is a functional purpose to be found in every form.

Debt Management Featured

Money Smart: How To Get Your Financial Freedom Back If You Are Dealing With Debt

Taking on debt over the course of life is commonplace, and many individuals accrue debt through car loans, student loans and a home mortgage payment. If you are like many others, you may also have personal loans and credit cards that require monthly payments.

Credit Cards Featured

3 Things You Should Know About Debt Consolidation

Despite our best intentions, spending within the limits of our carefully planned budgets is not always simple nor possible. With the rise of clever marketing tactics and easy credit, overspending has become a habit rather than an isolated setback or an emergency triggered decision.

Featured Reduce Bills

Cut Your Grocery Bill and Eat Healthier in 6 Easy Steps

Whenever you put together food and budget in the same sentence, most people automatically think of limited grocery options and bad eating habits.

Consumer Tips Featured

How To Make Money Off The Things You Have Around The House

When you’re strapped for cash and want to find extra ways to supplement your income, there are plenty of items around your house that can allow you to earn money.

Consumer Tips Featured

Unexpected Expenses You May Have While Pregnant

Even if you’re fairly well organized, there are some potential expenses worth at least preparing for when you’re pregnant while you’re out shopping for strollers and cribs.

Consumer Tips Featured

How to Spend Your Gap Year Wisely

Are you currently employed and have decided to take an employment gap? Did you just finish your high school or graduate from a university and now want to take some time off?

Featured Insurance

5 Little Ways to Save Big on Your Auto Insurance

Everyone has to hold auto insurance in order to drive. You want to pay the lowest rates possible without making major changes to your life.

Credit Cards Featured

The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards and How to Use Them Wisely

Like many things in life, there are pros and cons to everything that we choose. When considering getting a credit card, these options must be weighed out to ensure that you are making the correct decision.