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Renovate Now or Wait Until the Market Improves?

Tweet Neighbors of ours completed an important renovation to their home in 2009, finishing the project even as the recession worsened. Wisely, they had a home equity line of credit

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8 Bang-up Fireworks Safety Tips

Tweet America Prepares to Celebrate Her Independence. America is about to celebrate its 234th birthday, a nation that proudly acknowledges its transformation from colonial backwater to world superpower. Built on

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Become a More Resourceful You

Tweet Accomplishing anything of enduring value in this life requires discipline including knowing where you are going and how you will get there. On the face of it, that supposition

Home Financing

Mortgage Rates Drop Once Again

Tweet It is a great time to buy a new home! If you believe you have heard that line before, that isn’t surprising. On Thursday, reported that the rate

Social Media

7 Facebook Tips You Need To Know

Tweet Have more fun with Facebook! The May boycott against Facebook was a bust and its upcoming competitor, Diaspora, is still months away from hitting the market. Meanwhile, Facebook is

Business Services

Small Business Costs: Employee Benefits

Tweet Even before an employee begins her first day of work, she has already cost your company some money. Recruiting expenses including newspaper and on-line ads, agency fees and background

Home Financing

4 Strategies for Smart Mortgage Refinancing

Tweet As mortgage financing rates flirt with all-time historic low rates, consumers in a position to refinance their homes may want to consider doing so now. Inflation, when it eventually

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Employee Motivation: Rewards Programs

Tweet Motivated employees are dedicated employees, right? It seems logical that there should be a connection between the two. And there are. In 1994, Thomas B. Wilson wrote a book

Money News

Overwhelmed Towns Seek Foreclosure Relief

Tweet A number of communities across the nation have been overwhelmed by the number of homes under foreclosure and have appealed to the federal government for relief. One method of

Money News

Obama Panned In Response to Gulf Oil Crisis

Tweet President Obama is learning an important lesson when it comes to handling a crisis: even your staunchest supporters may find your response lacking. Obama’s speech to the nation on

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5 Smart Team Builder Tips

Tweet Having everyone on the same team is critical to the success of any organization whether they be on a football team, part of a religious group or business employees.

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4 Talents of the Successful Headhunter

Tweet Princeton University’s lexical database defines a headhunter as, “a savage who cuts off and preserves the heads of enemies as trophies.” But the word also has another meaning, “

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Mortgage Rates Near All-Time Lows

Tweet Approaching historic low mortgage rates. If you are in the market for a new home or are eligible for refinancing, then you may want to take a look at

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7 Tips for a Productive Casual Friday

Tweet Back during the 1990s, businesses across the United States eased their dress policies in order to boost morale. Most of these companies kept their traditional “suit and tie” requirement

Business Services

6 Internet-Ready Business Ideas

Tweet The Internet holds out the promise of untold wealth, at least that is perception some ads and articles may give to people when it comes to making money online.