5 Smart Team Builder Tips

5 Smart Team Builder Tips


Having everyone on the same team is critical to the success of any organization whether they be on a football team, part of a religious group or business employees. A cohesive workforce is a productive workforce with everyone understanding the importance of working together to reach clearly defined goals. Implemented correctly, team building can increase job satisfaction with the ultimate goal of bolstering the company’s bottom line by building employee morale and reducing voluntary job turnover.

51. Establish clear objectives. To be a successful team builder, you must lead. Leadership requires vision, knowing where you want your company to go and how to get there. A leader outlines the company’s goals and works with her employees on the steps or process of getting there and achieving success.

2. Empower your team. Confident team builders allow their staff to handle many of the day-to-day details, freeing themselves for administrative tasks. Writing for Entrepreneur magazine, Patty Vogan states, “Don’t breathe down their necks and don’t micromanage, but make yourself available if questions or problems come up.” You’ll still be able to help your team make adjustments if needed, offering encouragement along with humor to reassure your people.

3. Communicate effectively and wisely. How you communicate is important, but also recognizing that people learn differently is important. A College of Marin study, “How to Identify Your Best Learning Styles,” noted that three senses–auditory, visual and kinesthetics–two reasoning types–inductive and deductive–and two environments intrapersonal and interpersonal affect how people learn. For some people, a group meeting is all they need. For other employees one-on-one coaching works best for them. Discover how your employees learn and adjust training accordingly.

4. Put a S.M.A.R.T. plan in place. The acrostic S.M.A.R.T. is a goal-setting plan used by team builders to help their people achieve results: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time oriented. Smart goals, as outlined by the University of Central Florida, help define objectives, replacing vague goals with specific goals.

5. Defend your team. Perhaps the most important role of a team builder is to be your team’s advocate or cheerleader. This can mean intervening when things get out of control, defending your people from outside criticism, including interdepartmental battles or perhaps creating team building activities to help bring people together. A North Georgia College & State University program offers sound reasons why planned activities may be the way to go when the team needs inspiration. “Team building activities can allow the group to recover from disunity, frustration and conflict. They also help sensitize the team members to behaviors that may contribute toward or obstruct group problem solving.”

By implementing these steps you should be able to reach a desirable goal which in this case is improved employee morale leading to a more productive workforce.

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