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You Can Save Money on School Lunches

Tweet When it comes to school items what puts the most pressure on your budget? Would it be clothing? Might it be supplies? Likely, clothing and supplies will cost you

Consumer Tips

Use Coupons to Trim Your Shopping Budget

Tweet Food prices continue to rise and that has put a big crimp on American families. Budgets are being strained as salaries remain flat, but there is some good news

Consumer Tips

How to Rent a Car by the Hour

Tweet If you want to rent a car by the day or by the week, no problem. If you want to rent a car for a few hours, you’ll still

Consumer Tips

Looming Crisis: How To Get Prepared

Tweet A category 3 hurricane is bearing down on your area or a wildfire threatens to burn out of control, putting you and your loved ones in harm’s way. Not

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5 Tips for Saving Money Toward a New Car

Tweet You have your eyes set on a new car. Who can blame you for looking? Getting a new ride is a dream come true for millions of Americans as


Smart Money: How to Invest With What You Got

Tweet You do not need to have great sums of money to start investing. Just to set the record straight, investments go beyond typical savings accounts, money market accounts and


Are You Ready to Start Investing in Mutual Funds?

Tweet At some point in your saving strategy you may have come to realize that savings accounts, money market funds and other bank-backed accounts pay very little interest. Certainly, you

Small Business

How to Get Your SBA Small Business Loan

Tweet What are the chances that you will receive a small business loan from your bank? If you do apply for a loan from your bank and are approved, then

Credit Cards

Credit Card Fraud Prevention Tips and Tricks

Tweet Credit card fraud costs billions of dollars in losses each year. Thieves and hackers can find ways to compromise your account, often without you realizing what happened until it

Small Business

Business Money Matters: Winning Over Venture Capitalists

Tweet Venture capitalists provide initial assistance to start up companies. Not just any company will do — these individuals are looking for early-stage, high potential companies with promising growth. In

Featured Retirement

Roth IRA: Retirement Planning Essentials

Considering your retirement needs, are you well situated for your golden years? A lot of us are not, quite frankly.