Several Hacks for Reducing Commercial Packaging Costs

Several Hacks for Reducing Commercial Packaging Costs
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    Packaging tends to be very important part of production and shipment process, some would argue as important as the very product itself.


While such claims may be a bit too excessive, it can’t be argued that package facilitates identification, streamlines handling and storage and most importantly protects and contains products. Add into equation the fact it also needs to withstand reasonable amount of damage and abuse and you will see why packaging demands more attention that it is often given to. Here, we will give you few tips of how to reduce costs, make this important task money-efficient and still keep the required quality level.

Keep the Product in the Focus

Not every problem asks for the same solution, and trying to fit everything in the same package is the best way for you to waste money. By examining product you may discover that you can use lighter weight cardboard instead of more robust one. Also, it is advised to keep the distance of 5cm between product and outer box, so don’t go beyond that to keep the shipping costs and costs of packaging material on the minimum.

Never Forget about the Volume

It goes without a saying that every layer, be it bubble wrap, foam or cardboard adds to overall price, which can be considerable if you are shipping products in larger volumes. If you need stronger protection it would be better to use several layers of cheaper material, opposed to one heavy layer. Shipping in larger volumes can be used to your advantage, though. Many vendors will offer you discount if you are buying packaging in bulks, so use this whenever possible.

Reduced Labor and Other Costs

This doesn’t mean that labor needs to be underpaid, rather that you should try to improve efficiency wherever possible. As they tell us at Axis Industrial Solutions , this can be achieved by better organizing schedules, constantly training workers and streamlining whole packaging process. You should also try to reuse everything that can be reused and things like woven straps are good place to start. Remember, when in large volumes, even such insignificant things can cost you a lot of money.

Maintain Equipment

It is much more affordable to maintain tools and equipment you already have on disposal than to buy a new one. It is therefore strongly recommended to establish some kind maintenance and documenting routines as well as create procedures for reacting to unexpected problems. If something is damaged beyond repair try at least to spare some parts, to make future repairs faster. By maintaining equipment you will not only save money on repairs, you will also boost the productivity of your workers.

Keep a Close Eye on Prices

Price of some packing materials can vary up to 30% during very short periods, so it is strongly recommended to track price fluctuations to prevent yourself from stockpiling materials in the worst possible time. Building a relationship with reliable supplier can help your efforts significantly. Supplier should know what is available, what supplies do you need for specific job and when is the best time to acquire them. If he doesn’t fulfill these requirements look for another one.

As we can see there is a lot of money to be saved without introducing too much change into already established routines. Small enhancements here and there, increase in productivity, regular maintenance of equipment and short research process will help your to invest less money in the packaging process and therefore earn more. And that is, in the end what’s most important for every business.


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