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Social Media

Facebook Dislike: Sure, Why Not?

Tweet Mashable analyst thinks Zuckerburg is all wet. Most social media sites allow users to like or dislike a page, offering a prominent “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” symbol for

Money News

Raleigh Snags Influential EV Conference

Tweet Raleigh, North Carolina has been chosen as the site for the 2011 Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) conference, a global gathering of expert insights on technical advances, market research and

Autos Express

“Real Car” Chevy Volt Pricing Announced

Tweet Chevrolet sings the body electric. General Motors is not taking any chances with the 2011 Chevrolet Volt when its version of the electric car goes on sale later this

Autos Express

Bestselling Mercedes Model Has Been Redesigned

Tweet Mercedes-Benz is not about to rest on its laurels. Its bread and butter E-Class series is all new for 2010, the ninth generation of a car line spanning more

Home Tips

Beat the Summer Heat Wave!

Tweet Hot enough for you? That question is being asked by many east coast and midwest residents who are feeling the effects of one of the hottest summers of the

Achieving Success

Give Them More Than What They Expect!

Tweet Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected — Steve Jobs We live in interesting times. The Internet has brought the

Consumer Tips

Supplemental Medicare Insurance – Putting Coverage in Place before You Need It

Tweet By Brant Reed How do you determine which supplemental Medicare insurance policy is best for you? You will see a difference between the types of policy that you can

Career Planning

Realistic Home Based Businesses You Can Do

Tweet Working at home, 21st century style. Forget licking envelopes or giving out fliers on behalf of a business. Thanks to the web, there are many more opportunities for you

Consumer Tips

7 Energy Saving Tips for the Hottest Days of Summer

Tweet The hottest days of summer have hit and, as expected, we have experienced multiple heat waves so far this year. My last electric bill was the highest I’ve seen

Business Services

Part Time Workers, Full Time Satisfaction

Tweet Not every employee wants to work full-time and not every position in a company requires 40 hours of labor in a week.  That means your small business has the

Autos Express

Auto Financing 101: The Basics

Tweet You have your eye on a new car and think that you can swing the monthly payments. You may be considering trading in your current car and/or you may

Money News

Cell Phones For Troops? Good Idea!

Tweet Making a difference for America’s forces. Members of America’s Armed Forces hardly get the respect (or thanks) they deserve. Putting their lives on the line to help preserve freedom,

Consumer Tips

Are Brick and Mortar Bookstores Doomed?

Tweet I have the good fortune of living within walking distance of two bookstores: Barnes and Noble and Borders. And, just two miles away from my home is a popular

Money News

Survey Says: Homeowners Are Happy

Tweet Good news from and for America’s homeowners. Here’s a bit of good news that will warm your recession-weary hearts: a full 90 percent of homeowners are satisfied with their


7 Rocking Reasons to Use GMail

Tweet Yahoo! Mail and the recently renamed Windows Live Hotmail are the two top email providers, but Google’s Gmail is running a strong third and gaining ground. I’ve used all