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What You Need To Know About The Car Scrappage Program

Tweet SayEducate has been keeping tabs on the “cash for clunkers” legislation as it was being debated in Congress. For the past several months members of the House and the

Consumer Tips

Pool Safety Can Prevent Serious Injury

Tweet One of my favorite books as a youth was Joni, the story of a teenage girl who became a quadriplegic as a result of a diving accident. During the

Travel Tips

Low Airfares? Going Up!

Tweet Thursday’s issue of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) pointed out a trend that travelers need to take note of. In, “After Months of Sales, Airfares Take Off,” the WSJ

Travel Tips

Saving Money On Last Minute Travel Arrangements!

Tweet It is Friday afternoon and you’re home from work, enjoying your company’s early release schedule that kicks in between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Suddenly it dawns upon both

Travel Tips

Dog Friendly Travel – Can It Be Done?

Tweet If you’re planning a trip this summer, there is one member of the family you may be tempted to leave home – your dog. But, there are untold thousands

Travel Tips

You Can Save Money On Your Hotel Stay

Tweet Over the next few months vacationers will be hitting the road in a bid to see the country and to get some much needed rest and relaxation. Many travelers

Travel Tips

How To Save Money On Your Next Cruise

Tweet Cruise ships provide some of the best opportunities for rest and relaxation of any kind of vacation option.  Meals, entertainment, cabin services and trip planning is handled by the

Travel Tips

Smart Ways To Save Money On Airfare

Tweet Air fare costs are back on the rise after many months of decline thanks to lower jet fuel costs. However, rising fuel costs are partly to blame for the

Home Improvement

Leaky Roof? Check Around The Vent Pipe!

Tweet Our home has a new roof so when my wife spotted a leak in the laundry room we were both shocked and worried. Hadn’t the roofers done a good

Travel Tips

State Department Urges Caution When Traveling Abroad

Tweet Millions of Americans will be traveling abroad this summer, filling hotels, airports and city streets from Rio to Bonn and from Beijing to Sydney. Although the economy is struggling,

Consumer Tips

Hitting The Road? SayFunTravel.Com Wants To Help!

Tweet See The USA And Save! Rising gas prices won’t be keeping a lot of Americans from traveling this summer, although analysts are expecting that many travelers will be looking

Credit Cards

Prepaid Debit Cards And Building Good Spending Habits

Tweet Consumers with no credit or those whose credit has been pummeled over the past few years know that it is virtually impossible for them to land a new credit

Home Financing

Rising Mortgage Interest Rates May Scuttle Recovery

Tweet What This Means For You, The Consumer President Obama’s bid for a full economic recovery may be set back by many months thanks to rising interest rates which is

Autos Express Consumer Tips

Cash For Clunkers? Not Law Yet!

Tweet This past April, SayEducate.Com made mention of the federal government’s “Cash For Clunkers” program, a plan where car buyers would be able to trade in their older, gas guzzling

Consumer Tips

Forget the A/C! Use Fans Instead.

Tweet Air-conditioning may be comfortable but sometimes it isn’t necessary and it almost always is expensive. When the next heat wave arrives with temperatures pushing up toward 95 degrees, you