Achieving Something Grand: a Success Building BLOG (part I.b)

Achieving Something Grand: a Success Building BLOG (part I.b)


continuation of Part I.a:
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To Become the President … or something like that

(we left off with our imaginary friend, Dave. He is a young man graduating from high school who has dreamed in whole life in becoming the President of the United States. This is blog entry of his journey).

White HouseDave planned his Presidential strategy while mowing his parent’s lawn during the summer after graduating from high school. Believing as he did in his destiny to something grand, he never contemplated that unknown forces that would block his path. He would simply achieve his Presidential strategy by copying a plan used many successful Presidents:

Plan 1) Graduate from high school (completed with honor).

Plan 2) Attend an undergraduate institution (in a few months).

Plan 3) Go to Law School (Harvard or University of Chicago).

Plan 4) Become a big-time lawyer (I mean big-time).

Plan 5) Become popular in my community (as popular as Ronald Reagan).

Plan 6) Run for State Office (Virginia or California, can’t decide).

Plan 7) Run for U.S. Congress in my district (people will like me).

Plan 8 ) Run for U.S. Senate (people would love me).

Plan 9) Become a Congressional leader (easy as pie).

Plan 10) Run for President (just like JFK).

Plan 11) Celebrate my 36th birthday in the Oval Office (maybe my 40th if things don’t work out as planned).

Dave’s presidential strategy took nearly an acre of lawn mowing to materialize. He never questioned the attributes required for someone to be elected to the White House. Neither did he consider his weaknesses. Whatever it would take to become President, his key strategy was honesty, decency, and integrity. Dave would be 18 soon. The political world was waiting.

10 years later …

How quickly dreams can fade! Dave’s only worthwhile accomplishment during these last 10 years was his moving from small-town Virginia to New York City. However, his 10 years of political experience amounted to no more than 25,000 licks of envelopes for another person’s campaign. Dave wishes he had another acre of lawn to mow. Dave never envisioned that weak political skills would obstruct his political goals. He lacked leadership, physical stature, deal-making skills and many of the questionable things often found in American politics — like arrogance and back-stabbing. Never in his childhood fantasies did he comprehend how licking stamps and answering phones will become the keys to political success rather than honesty, decency, and integrity.

Does this mean that his goal — Dave Mansfield for President — is a failure? Does it mean that he should scrap his presidential ambitions and seek something more reasonable? Perhaps, if he wants it that way. But Dave is only in his late 20s. Given the age of many Presidents in lifetime, he still has a number of years to chase after his dream. But first, he must scrap his lawn-mowing strategy. Dave must return to the drawing board and map out a new strategy that will overcome his obstacles and build key political strengths. But how . . .?

Next Time: we will discuss goal setting and how goals become the blue print for success.
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