A Success Building BLOG (part VII.a)

A Success Building BLOG (part VII.a)


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Discipline to Success:

The Physical Attribute

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Benjamin Franklin

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The body is a fascinating machine. Those of us who are gifted with healthy bodies can appreciate the complex mechanism of organs, tissues, and cells that function in precise intricacies. Over a trillion cells replicate each year. Tiny infant hands and feet grow almost unnoticed into strong tools that build and perform many wonders of the world.

I could provide tons of material describing the functions of the human body. But my purpose in this posting is to help you set a strategy to strengthen your physical body and appearance. This chapter focuses on overcoming physical weaknesses brought on by life-styles and environment. The suggestions in this chapter are supported by other literary works that discuss physical development and fitness. I invite you to use these books if you feel that they offer helpful advice on developing your personal physical fitness program.

The body is in its perfect form as a child. But as we grow older, we often do things to our bodies that slow us down and weaken our drive to accomplish physical feats. We become tired and sluggish from failing to exercise regularly. Our physical health and appearance falters by consuming an improper diet. These physical weaknesses can impede our physical capabilities and hinder our progress to a goal.

Some people might make the argument that they can accomplish their personal goals without an active physical program. Perhaps, but the same argument can be made that says you can accomplish your goals more easily and efficiently with an active physical development program. Physical development means that you will awake each morning without hesitation. It means that you will be active all day. It means that you will feel good about yourself and your physical abilities. It means that you will feel confident and self-assured. Physical development and strength gives you the physical power to accomplish your goals and objectives.

The physical attribute is the first character attribute in the inverse pyramid scale. We interpret from this scale that the total energy required to strengthen the physical attribute is less than the total energy required for the other attributes. The physical attribute also impacts your motivation at greater levels than the other four attributes. We become easily motivated by our physical actions because the changes we make are easily measured and noticed.

Developing and Strengthening the Physical Attribute

We can segment the physical attribute into four areas. You will select a development program from one of these areas. We will briefly discuss each area separately. Again, you might want to research library sources that offer extensive programs to improve each of the physical areas discussed in this chapter. There are a number of physical fitness books that can help you develop a fitness program in each of the following areas:

Next week, we will review each component and outline a plan to build physical discipline.
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