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Small Business

5 Tips for Starting a New Business

If you are planning to launch a new enterprise, a business plan is essential to help guide you. Such plans outline what is required to get your business started and must outline its management structure, partnership responsibilities and its growth plans.

The Game of Life

How to Spend the Thanksgiving Holiday

Tweet If you’re looking for some ideas on how to spend your Thanksgiving holiday, then please read on. 1. Host a meal. Most people will spend Thanksgiving with family. If

Consumer Tips

How to Prepare for a Major Disaster

Tweet Following Hurricane Sandy and any major catastrophe that has hit the American populace, homeowners may quite suddenly become aware that their preparation for a major weather event can use

Money Management

History of Gold as Currency

Tweet By Alex Levin Gold wasn’t always as sought after as it is today. Although gold was first used as jewelry in approximately 4000 B.C., it took more than 2,000

Consumer Tips Internet

Free GMail Phone Calls Are Here!

Tweet You can now make free phone calls to people in the United States and Canada, but there are a couple of catches: you must have a free GMail account

Money News

Helen Thomas Comments Come Home to Roost

Tweet The firestorm Helen Thomas caused following her comments that Jews should leave Palestine and return to Poland and Germany has been a long time coming. Still, the silence from

Social Media

Library of Congress Tracks Your Tweets

Tweet Does this news presage a deepening government interest in your personal affairs or has the Library of Congress simply realized that tweeting is of some value beyond Twitter? I’ll

Money News

US Census Questionnaires Begin To Arrive

Tweet The decennial census is about to get underway as the first batch of questionnaires began to arrive in mailboxes across the country on Monday. This constitutionally mandated population count

Fun Stuff

The Lazy Man’s Way To Celebrating Labor Day

Tweet Go back to bed. This day is for you. Call the day what you want, but it certain isn’t a day to do any labor. Yes, today is Labor

Achieving Success

Achieving Something Grand: a Success Building BLOG (part I.b)

Tweet continuation of Part I.a: (link to Achieving Success Category for all postings in this category) To Become the President … or something like that (we left off with our