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How to Shop for Home Insurance

If you have not shopped around for home insurance in some time, you may find that better deals await you elsewhere. Certainly, your current insurer may want to keep your business, but with double-digit rate increases in some areas it pays to shop around.

Home Tips

7 Energy Savings Strategies for Every Homeowner

Have you looked at your electrical bill lately? If so, it may have made a spike especially as summer approaches.

Small Business

Small Business Recruitment Tips & Tricks

Let’s face it: as a small business operator you cannot compete against large corporations for talent. At least not in the same way that large businesses compete, especially on salary.

Credit Cards

The Best Cash Back Credit Cards of Summer 2013

Summer is in full swing. That means millions of people across the country are going to make summer-related purchases such as airline tickets, gasoline, sporting equipment, barbecues, cold treats, and more.

Credit Cards

Credit Card Application Made Easy

You can apply for a credit card online and receive a decision is as little as 60 seconds. At least that is the contention of some credit card providers, including those that have streamlined the application process in recent years.

Debt Management

Some Clarity on Your Debt-to-Income Ratio

Your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is a measurement of your gross income compared against your total debt. It’s an important factor when you need to consider your financial options and for effective monitoring of your overall finances.

Consumer Tips

How to Curtail Your Dental Expenses

Visits to the dentist can set you back several hundred dollars for just an oral exam and a cleaning. Have two or three cavities filled or seek out other work beyond the basics and your bill can easily top $1,000.

Small Business

How to Start a New Business With $20 or Less

It can cost at least $250,000 to launch a franchised business, but there are some business models that can be started with little to no cash.

Travel Tips

UK Travel Tips – There’s more To the UK than London

When people from the rest of the world think about coming to the United Kingdom then the first thing they think of is almost bound to be visiting London.

Consumer Tips

Medical Bill Problems and How to Handle Them

Quite easily, any medical emergency can result in large bills, debt that must be repaid and usually in a timely fashion. A visit to the emergency room can set you back hundreds of dollars, a short stay at the hospital can top $10,000.

Student Aid

3 Financial Aid Tips for Adults Going Back to College

A lot of people in today’s job market are heading back to college to further their educations in order to either preserve their current careers, move ahead in their careers or just learn new skills to support themselves after being laid off. You could be one of them.

Consumer Tips

Have a Complaint? Then Write a Letter!

The days of letter-writing are dead, aren’t they? Well, not entirely. One area where letter writing can make a big difference is in the complaint department, as in a consumer complaining about a product.

Small Business

5 Tips for Starting a New Business

If you are planning to launch a new enterprise, a business plan is essential to help guide you. Such plans outline what is required to get your business started and must outline its management structure, partnership responsibilities and its growth plans.

Home Buying

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Home

It’s a good time to buy a home; interest rates are low, the economy is improving, and home prices are beginning to pick up.

Autos Express

What You Need to Know About Small Cars

Tweet This feature may be important to you as elevated gas prices have forced consumers to consider how much it costs to fill up their gas tanks in addition to