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Crippling Collisions: 5 Ways Car Accidents Can T-Bone Your Finances

Tweet While minor fender benders may have only a minimal impact on your finances, a significant accident can wreak havoc on your financial situation. In fact, it can affect you

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Cash for Clunkers: How to Donate Your Car for Quick Money

Tweet Sometimes, however, they stop working. Could they still work for us even when they are no longer drive-able? The answer is yes. A car is worth cash whether or

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The Blue Book: What Affects the Value of Your Vehicle?

Tweet When looking to sell a car, one of the things that consumers need to keep in mind is the blue book value. The value of a vehicle will determine

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5 Things the Car Dealerships Won’t Tell You

Tweet As the market has moved toward buying from corporate dealer chains, personal service has decreased in some areas. This means that the consumer needs to be savvy about what

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4 Ways to Finance Your New Vehicle Purchase without Going in the Hole

Tweet Here are four new vehicle purchase tips you might find useful. Understand Your Credit Score You need to check your credit score before you even think of financing a

Achieving Success

4 Inspirational Figures That Can Teach You Important Lessons About Succeeding in Life

Tweet Whilst there will be times when you are going from strength to strength, there will also be times when you are really struggling. When you are finding it hard

Social Media

What’s the Impact of Online Reviews on Your Business? Part 1

Tweet In the past, housewives would make relative comparisons only according to the brand of the product (brand X is better than brand Y, so the manufacturers say in advertisements).

The Game of Life

Tips For Life After College

Tweet But there are still a lot of unanswered questions swimming around in your head. It’s important to take one day and decision at a time and not rush into

Achieving Success

From Broke to Poor: How to Take the First Step in Your Financial Journey

Tweet No matter where you are in your financial journey or what you do to make ends meet, anyone can be the next Jack Ma or Bill Gates, or even

College Planning

How to Keep the Paycheck While Going to School

Tweet Many people miss out on the opportunity, because they do not believe that they can continue to financially support themselves and their families while going to school. This article

The Game of Life

4 Unexpected Dangers To Pay Attention To When Home Shopping

Tweet Common sense can save you from many of these hazards, but some dangers fly under the radar when you’re making a purchase from a store online. Below are four

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4 Financial Pitfalls You Can Avoid When Buying Your Next Car

Tweet It is unfortunately common for people to feel scammed or duped by the car buying process in many ways, and some may lose thousands of dollars from various factors.