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Home Financing

ARMs Crack Four Percent Threshold

Tweet Mortgage rates continue to drop, nearing historic lows. This is good news for first time home buyers who may also be eligible for an $8000 federal tax credit which

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Oh, Deer: Vehicle Collisions On The Upswing

Tweet America’s deer population is out of control in some regions, forcing communities to take drastic steps to cull herds through hunting and other methods. One sure way to get

Autos Express Money News

Consumers Warned About Atlanta Area Flood Damaged Cars

Tweet The recent floods in and around the Atlanta area were of historic proportions. Homes were destroyed, crops ruined and vehicles swept away. Thankfully, casualties were kept to a minimum,

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Home Values, Sales Retreat In August

Tweet Bad news on the housing front: after four consecutive months of gains, home sales dropped by 2.7% in August, while home values continued to fall reaching a national median

Business Services

Launching Your Business In Bad Economic Times

Tweet Many federal government officials and business analysts are declaring the most recent recession “over” a startling admission given sustained near double-digit unemployment and continued challenges in the real estate

Home Buying Home Selling Money News

FHFA Records 0.3% Housing Price Increase

Tweet Consumers who have been waiting for the housing market to bottom out may have received a strong signal that home prices, indeed, are stabilizing. According to the Federal Housing

Money News

Survey Shows Mounting Media Distrust Amongst Americans

Tweet No surprise there: a recently conducted survey by The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press reveals a growing mistrust amongst Americans when it comes to media

Home Tips

Autumn Greetings! Let’s Maintain The Home.

Tweet Tomorrow marks the first day of fall, but already a chill is in the morning air. Leaves have begun their annual transformation which means hardwood trees will soon be

Travel Tips

Check Reader Reviews Before Traveling Abroad

Tweet Thanks to cheap airfares, affordable hotels and comprehensive travel packages, traveling abroad has surged to where it seems almost as common as cross country trips. Hundreds of billions of

Home Selling Money News

One In Four Sellers Reduce Their Asking Price

Tweet There was a time when a home was placed on the market and a bidding war broke out. Owners quickly discovered that buyers were willing to pay five, ten

Home Financing

Zillow Reports 5% Mortgage Threshold Has Been Breached

Tweet Despite the economic uncertainty one fact remains: mortgage loans can be had for at near historic low rates. This is good news for home buyers or for people who

Consumer Tips

Credit Repair Counseling & Where To Find It

Tweet Locating a professional credit repair advisor may be what you need to help fix your deteriorating credit rating. You may have some idea about what steps you should pursue

Commentary Money News

ACORN Scandal Reflects Poorly On Community Organizers

Tweet ACORN or the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now has been receiving some unwanted media attention lately. It seems that a pair of undercover journalists visited an ACORN

Money News

RealtyTrac Reports August 2009 Foreclosure Trends

Tweet If you’re looking for a silver lining in the current housing market, then you’ll have to get a telescope to find one. RealtyTrac, an online entity which tracks foreclosure

Consumer Tips

Consumer Complaints And How You Can Get Heard

Tweet Have you recently been ripped off? Are you unhappy with the service you received while spending your hard earned money with a local or online merchant? Consumer angst has