7 Tips To Help You Overcome The Job Loss Blues

7 Tips To Help You Overcome The Job Loss Blues


With unemployment hanging around ten percent, chances are you know someone, somewhere who is without a job. Maybe that someone is you. Even if you’re not unemployed, there is a good chance you’ve seen your salary frozen or even cut.

cell phoneThis is the worst recession in memory, but that doesn’t have to mean that you’ll be without work for months on end. Do you have the job loss blues? If so, read on for some tips on how you can get hasten the job snagging process:

1. Your Full Time Job – Your last job was full-time, but so should this job be: the one where you’re looking for work. If you’re recently unemployed, give yourself a few days to a couple of weeks to regroup, but then be prepared to look for work as if everything depends on you finding a job. That’s because it does. Update your resume, get active online through LinkedIn and Facebook, network like never before and leave no stone unturned.

2. Cut Your Expenditures – Even with a severance package and unemployment, you could be doing just fine financially. However, that will soon change when one or the other runs out. Likely, you’ll need to divert some funds to help advance your job hunt, which means that you’ll need to rein in your other expenses now. Whatever you do, don’t turn to credit to pay your bills!

3. Think Positive – One surefire way to damper enthusiasm while looking for work is to let a sea of negativity wash over you. It can be difficult to remain upbeat, but a positive attitude will help you stay the course and eventually land your next gig. Consider professional counseling if you simply cannot shake the blues – an underlying medical condition could be weighing in.

4. Interim Work – Be realistic about your prospects especially if your industry as a whole has been slammed. If you’re an older worker, consider how your age can work against you. While age discrimination is illegal it is also very hard to prove. Consider taking consultant or part-time work now as you keep your options open.

5. Get Educated – Training in the form of classes, seminars even a new college degree might be of some help to you. A number of government programs have been launched to aid workers in the transition from one career to the next. Your state’s unemployment or career counseling office should know what is available for you.

6. Consider A Makeover – After years on the job, perhaps you’re no longer certain what is expected of today’s workers. Have your resume professionally updated to reflect current language as well as to make sure that no information is included to suggest your age. Perhaps its time for a new haircut and maybe your wardrobe could use updating?

7. Be Kind To Yourself – Even as you take whatever steps are necessary to help you find work, you need to remember to look out for your own needs to. Your spouse and children are important, but if you’re constantly “on” then you’ll soon burn out. Give yourself some small rewards along the way as you accomplish certain goals. For example, if you nab an interview, celebrate afterwards whether you’re offered a job or not. Take the edge off of the tension!

Eventually, you’ll find work and put this present crisis behind you. There are lessons to be learned during your time of unemployment so be sure to document your progress while staying focused and positive.

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