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Consumer Tips

Finally, Consumers Have Some Real Choices With Computing

Tweet Personal computer users have had two choices when it comes to fulfilling their computer needs: purchase a low-cost, cheaply made and virus vulnerable Microsoft computer with the Windows Vista

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Asian Brands, Ford Top Reliability Survey

Tweet Consumer Reports (CR) magazine’s 2009 Annual Auto Survey has been released, reflecting continued dominance by the Asian brands as well as good news for one domestic maker. In the

Credit Cards Money News

Bank of America Penalizes Good Credit

Tweet This just in from the “let no good deed go unpunished” department: Bank of America, a recipient of tens of billions of dollars of federal (taxpayer) bailout money, has

Home Tips

Get The Right Homeowners Insurance For Your Needs

Tweet If you’re shopping for a homeowners insurance, how can you possibly know if the policy you’re considering provides the coverage that you need? That’s a good question with no

Home Buying Money News

House Sales Surge For September 2009

Tweet Sales of existing homes climbed by 9.4% in September, representing the strongest monthly increase in more than two years, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). With an

Home Selling

7 Tips For Pricing Your Home In Today’s Economy

Tweet Let’s face it: if you are a homeowner the current real estate market is a bummer, especially if you are planning to sell your home. Though the economy is

Business Services

Small Business Grants: Where To Find Them

Tweet You’ve seen the ads and have probably heard stories where an individual claims to have secured thousands of dollars in grant money from the federal government. No, I’m not

Home Tips

Windows 7? Secure Your Computer!

Tweet Although the official introduction of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, won’t happen until tomorrow, you can order a new personal computer right now with this important program already

Home Buying

Lease To Own: Your Path To Home Ownership

Tweet Traditionally, home buyers have gotten into the market by shopping, choosing and moving into a home that they planned to keep for many years. Buyers would put five to

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Safety Tips For Kids This Halloween!

Tweet Two Saturdays from now, neighborhoods will be filled with ghosts, goblins, werewolves and other dark and frightening creatures from the netherworld. No, the gates of hell haven’t opened up,

Money News

Hiring Outlook Bleak This Christmas Season

Tweet The nation’s retailers aren’t expecting a flood of shoppers for the Christmas shopping season which officially begins the day after Thanksgiving. With sales expected to be flat or fall

Money News Product Recalls

Automotive Recalls Surge This Fall

Tweet Perhaps it is the season or maybe it is just a coincidence, but both Toyota and Ford have issued their largest recalls ever over the past few weeks. Ford,

Money News

I’ll Take A “V” Recovery Any Day!

Tweet When it comes to economic recovery following a recession, a “V” is much better than a “W” in all cases. Who would have ever thought that the economy could

Consumer Tips

What To Ask of a Credit Counselor

Tweet Consumers who are in a financial bind may end up turning to a credit counselor for guidance. This can be an effective way to help beleaguered Americans get their

Autos Express

The Cat Is Back: Jaguar XF

Tweet Just weeks before the Ford Motor Company sold Jaguar (and Land Rover) to Indian automaker Tata Motors, the most important Jaguar sedan of this generation made its worldwide debut.