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Business Services

Selling A Business: Prepare Your Documents

Tweet Six steps to prepare your business for marketing. Before you contact a business broker to arrange the sale of your business, you’ll want to review your company’s financial records

Consumer Financing

Are Credit Unions Better Than Banks?

Tweet Banks and savings and loan associations have long served local communities, but so have credit unions, a type of financial institution that may meet your personal financial requirements. Who

Money Management

Are Series EE Savings Bonds a Wise Investment?

Tweet If you invest in U.S. savings bonds, then you assume the same level of risk that people have when they put money in the bank. In other words, the

Business Services

How to Sell Your Business

Tweet Selling your business for well below market value can be tempting, especially if you have to sell due to health or some other personal matter. However, selling out for

Credit Reports

You Can Clear An Eviction

Tweet These reports can also include negative and potentially damaging information such as an eviction from a property you once rented. An eviction typically takes place after the tenant falls


Take Control of Your Spending

Tweet There are ways to do this without necessarily decreasing your quality of life. Below we will discuss some ways that you can take all your spinning and still live

Home Buying

What Are REO Properties?

Tweet Failure by homeowners to make scheduled mortgage payments triggers the foreclosure process which leads to a home eventually becoming an REO property. REO Defined Not all homes in foreclosure

Money News

When Do You Need An FEIN?

Tweet Whereas every American usually needs to have a Social Security Number, not every business is required to have an FEIN or EIN as it is referred as by the

Consumer Tips

How to Save Money on Halloween Treats

Tweet If you live in a high traffic area, namely a neighborhood where kids come from all over to ask for treats, not tricks, then you may go through bags

Consumer Tips

How to Save Money on Rent

Tweet Rent costs can vary from market to market, with some areas of the country making it easier for tenants to find a place to live while other areas require

Travel Tips

Making the Most of Unused Frequent Flyer Miles & Points

Tweet By Sean Miller This may be because they never use their miles, or because airlines make it so hard to redeem. In either case, a large majority of U.S.

Tax Tips

Why Year-End Giving Should Be Maximized

Tweet Reduce your tax burden by taking action now. Certainly, if you’ve been faithfully donating to your church, to a civic group or other organization, you’re likely to continue to

Consumer Tips

How to Save Money on Christmas Shopping

Tweet Christmas shopping savings galore. Early shopping is nothing new as consumers long ago learned that sales are held throughout the year, not just at Christmas time. Christmas shoppers want

Achieving Success

10 Time Management Tips for Busy People

Tweet Seriously, each of us can probably use some guidance on how best to use our time, saving precious minutes which seem to be hard to come by for those