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So You Have Hurricane Roof Damage, Now What?

Tweet By Mike Rogers You have been listening to the radio and TV, the outlook is not all that great. A category II or III hurricane is forty eight hours

Money News

High Speed Internet From Google

Tweet By Shajan Thomas And the winner is: Kansas City, Kansas! Google has promised the Internet improvements would lead to connection speeds “100 times faster” than what most people have

Social Media

5 Small Business Twitter Tips

Tweet No, you won’t be able to afford most online ad schemes, but you can afford to utilize popular social media and connectivity platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Tax Tips

Last Minute Tax Tips & Strategies

Tweet Tax day has been moved to April 18 this year, giving taxpayers a few extra days to work on their returns in hopes that they can reduce their tax

Autos Express

How to Save Money on an Electric Vehicle

Tweet If you really want an EV now, you’ll pay a premium for these cars. Wait a few years and prices should come down as the market adjusts to meet

Travel Tips

Summer 2011 Travel Trends

Tweet Summer 2011 and summer 2008 will have something in common: record gas prices. We’re still nearly two months away from the official start of the summer travel season, but

Business Services

Mother’s Day Promotional Ideas

Tweet Mother’s Day is held on the second Sunday of May and is one of the most important dates honoring women. The holiday was started through the work of just

Consumer Tips

FDIC Warns Consumers About Fraudulent Emails, Phone Calls

Tweet Because of the agency’s highly visible roll in all things financial, it is frequently targeted as a way to scam unsuspecting consumers who may think that they are dealing

Autos Express

What Every Consumer Should Know About Selling a Car

Tweet You’re also responsible for verifying mileage. If the odometer has been turned back or was disconnected, your state may require you to fill out additional paperwork to verify the

Money News

Inflation Signs Point to Rising Mortgage Costs

Tweet Although the signs may not yet be obvious, inflation is beginning to rear its ugly head, affecting the price of commodities, food, fuel and a host of other business

Business Services

How to Finance Your Business Startup

Tweet If money is an issue, you’ll need to raise cash to get your business going. In a time of hard to get credit, that can be difficult, but you

Money Management

Tips for Secure Online Shopping

Tweet By Amy J. Silver Luckily, following a few safety tips can protect both your identity and your savings while allowing you to satisfy your cyber shopping needs. Follow these

Career Planning

Lost Your Job? 6 Ways To Deal With It

Tweet By Nitin Aggarwal Everything from how you manage your time and resources will help determine whether this layoff is a temporary setback or a potentially long-term hardship. It’s OK to