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Home Buying

Are Your Association Fees Out of Line?

Tweet Association costs can slam your budget. Associations have their pluses and minuses, and are certainly not for everyone, particularly for homeowners desiring freedom of expression including what color to

Home Buying

How to Make an Offer to Buy a Home

Tweet Moreover, your lender has something to say about this — he may find that the home is overpriced and will nix the deal. This means that there are several

Money Management

5 Ways to Maximize Your Worth

Tweet How to make more money all career long. Your Worth Besides doing what you love, getting paid what you’re worth is important. Start off with a low salary and

Money Management

Smart Financial Tips for Young People

Tweet Much of what you make of your life will be based on your financial decisions. Poor decisions, such as getting in over your head in debt, can have a

Property Taxes

How to Challenge Your Property Taxes

Tweet You can fight city hall and win. One problem with higher tax bills has everything to do with assessments. Your tax assessor may only review rates every few years

Consumer Tips

Cheap Date Ideas You Can Dare to Do

Tweet In the spirit of finding cheap, but memorable things to do, we’re offering you five cheap date ideas you can dare to do. 1. Visit a state park —

Credit Cards

Winning the Game of Credit Cards

Tweet By Peter Sanders It has been said that those who write their financial goals down are more likely to succeed. With this in mind, you will want to begin

Travel Tips

How to Find Low Airfares

Tweet Many travelers have decided to take to the air as pump prices have made taking to the road an expensive proposition. However, with airfare costs at the highest levels

Commentary Money News

Rising Unemployment Demonstrates Shallowness of America’s Recovery

Tweet Weak economy continues to plod along. The United States is supposed to be in the midst of an economic recovery, admittedly a very tepid one. However, for June 2011

Achieving Success

Why You’re Still Broke This Far Into the Recovery

Tweet Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s opportunities. That’s true too, and it may not get better for several more years, a grim prospect for many older Americans with not too many

Consumer Financing Home Buying Money News

Mortgage Rates Hit Highest Level In 2 Months

Tweet Mortgage rates are on the rise with reporting that rates have reached the highest levels seen in the past two months. This news, however, shouldn’t cause consumers to

Credit Management

7 Simple Credit Repair Tips

Tweet By Nicole Goodson If you’re credit isn’t the best it could be, don’t panic. There are simple things you can do to repair your credit over time and some

Money Management

5 Hot Finance Tips for the Midyear

Tweet July is as good a time as any to find out whether your goals are being met or whether you must tweak your plans. Follow these tips and you’ll