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Small Business

5 Tax Tips for Small Business Operators

Tweet Uncertainty is also playing in as tax rates rise and your profit line shrinks. Still, if you are a small business and keep your personal records separate, you can

Fun Stuff

You Can Start a New Family Tradition

Tweet If you want to build memory making moments that can be passed down to your children and grandchildren, you can start a new family tradition that is sure to

Credit Management

Credit Management Problems and Solutions

Tweet Good credit management means that you are controlling your finances, by limiting your debt and through making your payments on time. The importance of credit management cannot be emphasized

Fun Stuff

How to Get Ready for a Winter Vacation

Tweet Winter vacations have been coming on strong in recent years as people want to enjoy more time away from the routines of life, with trips to the ski slopes

Credit Management

Unseen Risks for Your Financial Stability

Tweet If you’re smart, however, you’ll look toward the future and choose not to indulge your every whim. You’ll also take proactive steps for getting and maintaining a good credit

Career Planning

7 Job Interview Tips for Prospective Employees

Tweet A slowly recovering economy, tax headwinds and a mixed national mood continue to affect the job market, but for the savvy prospect there are opportunities awaiting them. The following

Home Tips

6 Holiday Money Saving Tips for Home and Business

Tweet Six Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips Between buying gifts for long lost relatives and throwing swanky seasonal celebrations, it’s easy to under plan and overspend. If you’re trying to

Tax Tips

Year-End Tax Tips and Strategies

Tweet New taxes are likely to show up over the next few years as America wrestles with its deep debt and as the impact of national healthcare kicks in. To


The Financial Perks of Permanent Life Insurance

Tweet When individuals buy life insurance, they know that they have protection if they pass away unexpectedly, but more and more people are skeptical of buying life insurance because they

Consumer Tips

The Advantages of Savings Accounts for Kids

Tweet Such accounts can be opened through your bank or credit union and provide a source for saving toward important goals including college and marriage. Interest rates on savings are

Career Planning

Performance Management and Year-End Reviews

Tweet Within this mix, the calendar has added one more pressure for business managers: write up your year-end performance reviews and have these ready before Christmas. If this added pressure

Career Planning

A Recognised Diploma or Degree will Help Land That Career Place You Want

Tweet Thousands of individuals have changed career and taken up the challenge of embracing and working on the ‘digital frontier. Are you ready to take up the challenge? Industrial IT

Consumer Tips

How to Organize a Last Minute Christmas Party

Tweet That event may be something you discussed with your neighbors around Labor Day, but no one has taken the initiative since then to make this happen. Christmas Gathering If


Buying Used, Being Frugal and Experiencing Financial Freedom

Tweet A cheap mind is one that only looks to spend less money, often accepting lower quality in exchange for lower costs. This can be found in the man that