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Home Financing

Mortgage Rates Rise Slightly Above Record Lows

Tweet If you are in the market for a new home, historically low interest rates beckon. Those rates, however, have risen slightly in the past week although there is no

Tax Tips

6 Important Tax Tips for 2012

Tweet Enjoy your Christmas and New Year’s holidays, but set aside some time now to get your tax planning in order right now. 1. Charitable donations. If you itemize your

Home Buying

Walk This Way: How to Effectively Complete Your Final Walk Through

Tweet It is important to do a final walk through on your future home with unbiased eyes. Take in everything and make sure all of the agreed upon repairs and

Tax Tips

Tax Software: Should You Do It Yourself?

Tweet With the former choice, you can ensure that the person that does your taxes knows what he or she is doing. With the latter, you risk making important mistakes,

Autos Express

Leave No Stone Unturned as You’re Shopping for a Used Car

Tweet There are few things in life that compare to the feeling of buyer’s remorse. When buying a used car, it’s all about doing your research, knowing where to shop

Consumer Tips

5 Christmas Shopping Thrift Tips

Tweet Persistently high unemployment, job angst and uncertainty about tax increases has consumers looking for ways to stretch their hard-earned dollars. “Thrift” is the operative word for savings, with the

Consumer Tips

Training Management Software and its Quantifiable Benefits

Tweet The quantifiable benefits of training management software can help managers and the company alike, by providing the following advantages. Competitive Leadership A well-trained workforce is one that has already