Walk This Way: How to Effectively Complete Your Final Walk Through

Walk This Way: How to Effectively Complete Your Final Walk Through
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    However eager you may be to move into your charming new abode, don’t let the excitement blind you from problems.


It is important to do a final walk through on your future home with unbiased eyes. Take in everything and make sure all of the agreed upon repairs and conditions were met. Here are a few steps to ensure your house is ready for you.

Open Everything
            You want to make sure every drawer, cabinet, door and window opens and closes properly. Open each to its full extent and don’t forget the closet doors. If the house has sliding doors make sure there is no sticking when they are opened.

Check For Scratches
            By now everything that isn’t staying should have been moved out, so make sure the walls or floors didn’t incur any scratches or marks while the other family was moving their stuff out.

Take an Inventory
            Since everything should be gone, be aware of what is still there. If there is trash or extra furniture, that is going to be yours. If extra stuff has been left behind that you don’t want to deal with, contact your realtor or the sellers. Their trash is not your problem.

Turn It On
            You should flip every switch in the house. Check the lights, the garbage disposal, faucets, etc. Make sure everything works properly and no switch is broken. Don’t forget about the appliances. Check the toilet, the dishwasher, the refrigerator and more. And it wouldn’t hurt to ring the doorbell, you wouldn’t want to miss out on your first pizza delivery because you didn’t hear the door.

Check The Hidden Spots
            Don’t forget about the attic, garage and basement. You might be focused on the living room and kitchen, but don’t forget about the less frequently used spaces. Make sure these areas are clean, void of belongings and show no signs of mold.

 Ensure Stability
            Firmly grab the railings, and make sure they are sturdy. You don’t want anything loose. Check the floors for loose boards, and the stairs for creaks. Look again for cracks in the foundation and anything else that doesn’t look 100 percent stable.

If you find any problems with your future home, contact your realtor or the seller to make sure things get fixed before you move in. If the seller has failed to do everything that was agreed upon, the responsibility is theirs. Your realtor or attorney can work to make sure they pay for the repairs or reduce the price paid for the home. But maybe there aren’t any problems, and you’re ready to move in. But take the time to ensure everything is in order before you finalize.

By: Kayla, We Buy Ugly Houses Twin Cities


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