6 Holiday Money Saving Tips for Home and Business

6 Holiday Money Saving Tips for Home and Business
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    The holidays can be a time of year that breaks the bank—both at home and in the office.


Six Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips

Between buying gifts for long lost relatives and throwing swanky seasonal celebrations, it’s easy to under plan and overspend. If you’re trying to pinch your pennies this year, here are some tips that can help you save:

Home Saving Tips:

Save on Electronics

Electronics are on everyone’s wishlist. Whether your special “someones” want a new laptop, a tablet, or a portable gaming system, these items can add up fast. So, what’s the secret to pinching your pennies with these items? Shop smarter:

  • Take advantage of deals and promotions when they happen.
  • Buy older models with similar specs.
  • Look into online auctions or other sites with big money savings.
  • Check out multiple stores—ad match if you can.
  • See if competing brands can offer a better discount (this is essential when purchasing smartphones and data plans).
  • Combine coupons (ie, free shipping and percent off) whenever possible. These tips can potentially help you save a lot of money on gadgets for your entire family.

Get a Present with a Little More Thought

When it comes to holiday gift shopping, the first inclination for most of us is to load up the cart with the latest and greatest toys and gizmos. We seem to think that our family and friends just won’t know how much we care unless we’re shelling out thousands of dollars on items that they don’t necessarily need.

Instead of falling into that trap this year, why not try to give some presents with a little more thought? Make something by hand. Clean someone’s kitchen. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Donate to a worthy cause. The best part is, these gifts mean a lot more to the people receiving them, and your kids are likely to remember a Christmas spent helping and giving for a long time to come.

Wait Until After The Holidays

If you can convince your family to be patient (a task easier said than done, it’s true), you can score some big savings on after holidays sales. The sales immediately after the Christmas holiday are often the best of the year as retailers try to move their remaining holiday inventory. Do your research and make sure your favorite stores are offering discounts, make a plan for where you want to shop, and then go to work on the 26th.

Business Saving Tips:

Save on Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is often one of the biggest budget items for both large and small businesses. Fortunately, the same principles that work for home savings (retailers looking to make quick sales before the end of the year) can work for you when purchasing servers, laptops and desktops, telephones, and other IT equipment.

Do your research and talk to your vendors to see if they may be willing to give you a deal (many of them will). While you’re at it, stock up on equipment that’s made to last—carrier grade servers, for instance, are extremely reliable and well-equipped (they’re engineered to last through natural disasters). Getting good equipment can help you save on replacements in the long run.

Buy in Bulk

When purchasing PCs or other IT equipment, it’s better to buy in bulk. For instance, instead of replacing one laptop this holiday, you may want to wait until you have several to replace before you buy. This can not only help you save on the cost of the materials, but also on shipping in some cases.

Go Refurbished

A great way to save that many business owners overlook is the power of buying refurbished devices. Refurbished items, in many cases, are just as good as “new”—the manufacturer may have replaced a part or repaired the item, but then, in most instances, that item is put through a rigorous testing process to check whether it meets the manufacturer’s standards. That essentially means that an expert has taken the time to review and check the refurbished equipment for quality—something that may not even happen with “new” items as they come off the assembly line.

If you are buying refurbished, look for equipment that comes with a warranty that’s similar to what you’d get with a new product.

There you have it—some savings tips that will help you keep your spending under wraps this year. What will you do to save this holiday season?

Brian Jensen
works for Dell and has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology. Right now he is very interested in the carrier grade server market. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with his family.


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