A Recognised Diploma or Degree will Help Land That Career Place You Want

A Recognised Diploma or Degree will Help Land That Career Place You Want
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    The digital office and workplace permeates throughout industry.

    The need for qualified professionals to keep the wheels of industry rolling is growing rapidly year on year.


Thousands of individuals have changed career and taken up the challenge of embracing and working on the ‘digital frontier. Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Industrial IT Systems are Key to Modern Trading

Industrial and commercial IT networks and communications are the key to modern trading worldwide. However, there is a huge skills shortage which at the moment shows no sign of being bridged. Thousands of key personnel are required to fill the void. Many thousands of individuals have acquired Advanced Diploma IT skills to take advantage of the great employment and career prospects offered by the digital revolution.

Small companies of only a handful of people to multinational conglomerates use digital equipment as an element of their everyday operations. Computer hardware and peripherals such as networked printers, the networks which handle the data and secure servers which store and disseminate the data all require human oversight.

Sensitive Data

Systems need to be guarded and protected from malicious attack and data theft. Networks need to be maintained against potential infiltration and breakdown. Robust communications such as email, instant messaging, video calling and VoIP all require skilled technicians to make it and keep it possible.

As IT and communication systems have become more intricate and more complex, so too has the potential for security breaches and the danger posed for companies, as well as the livelihood of the stakeholders within those companies. Just a few of the skills of which there are huge shortfalls in the industry are as follows:

  • data communications
  • computer systems engineering
  • networking protocols and standards
  • fiber optics installation, maintenance and monitoring
  • radio telemetry systems
  • industrial network security and programming

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Companies of all types, sizes and operational parameters are in desperate need for professionals in many disciplines. Technology has moved on apace; communications and data storage, dissemination and security as well as the hardware and software which makes it all happen requires constant monitoring and overseeing.

Do You Have the Background?

If you currently have a background in IT systems and security, a formal qualification will stand you in very good stead for the future. With a formal and recognised qualification, you will be able to demand (and attain) a better salary, improved benefits and much greater job satisfaction.

There are many courses which are available, some of which are broad based and others which are core skill specific. You may want to qualify in a multiple skill set, and then go on at a later date to specialise in one discipline. The world is open to you once you gain a qualification which is recognised.
The longer you leave it will only guarantee two things; that you’re not completely satisfied at work and you’re not achieving the financial rewards potential which you could.

Tina is a freelance writer and blogger. She sat an examination of Advanced Diploma IT skills several years ago as an element of her (then) work.


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