Benefits of Becoming a Helicopter Pilot

Benefits of Becoming a Helicopter Pilot
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    Have you ever dreamed of reaching the lofty heights of the skies under the direction of your own control?

    If so, piloting helicopters may be the career for you.


To the average person, flying helicopters and airplanes may seem pretty much the same. You may wonder why you would consider the less ubiquitous helicopter as your aircraft of choice for your professional life.

But there are many exclusive characteristics of helicopter piloting that you can’t find in any other context. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a helicopter pilot which may make it attractive to you.

Dynamic Flight

The first reason you might want to pilot helicopters is that they require much more active attention and offer more spatial flexibility than airplanes. Airplane flight is usually linear, with long stretches of the time in the air involving little to know change, especially in commercial settings. In contrast, helicopters can move in any direction, so their flight is more involved.

They can take off and land without runways in tight spots inaccessible by airplanes because of how they can move in straight vertical paths as well.

If you go undeterred by a good challenge and prefer to learn how to maneuver in complex, exciting ways, helicopters will accommodate those desires.

High Demand, Low Availability

Currently, the demand for new helicopter pilots is on the rise, and at the same time, there are few helicopter pilots.

A study performed by the University of North Dakota and Helicopter Association International predicts that a greater number of helicopter pilots will retire or leave than those who will join the professional space over the next 12 years.

As a result, the prospects for anyone considering entering the profession are ideal.

With the right schooling under your belt and the necessary experience, many jobs will become open to you which not many others have the qualifications for. You’ll also enjoy good job security to go along with this.

Many Fields

Finally, there are many career paths that helicopter pilots can take, meaning that you can choose to work in the industry or sphere that you have an interest in. You can act as a transport vehicle for large offshore rigs, perform emergency medical rescue, transport cargo, or take people on tours—just to name a few of your options.

other valuable tips:

As you spend time in helicopter flight school, you’ll gain exposure to the various fields open to you and be able to pick which one you want to work in. In most cases, to build up an initial collection of hours, you will teach others how to operate helicopters.

While this is a stepping stone for many, you may find that you would like to remain in this context. If that is the case, you very well can. Your skillset will truly be applicable in many contexts as a helicopter pilot.

Image Credit: helicopter pilot by Pixabay

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