Seven Hot Career Opportunities with Insatiable Market Demand

Seven Hot Career Opportunities with Insatiable Market Demand
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    History is nothing but a plethora of trends and shifts in how humans live.

    While there are certainly many examples of this dynamic world of ours, the world of business is arguably one of the most dynamic instances of how nothing lasts forever.


Countless occupations and professions have been born and seen the sun set on them with each generation.

Technology and automation in particular have exponentially sped up the process, creating many situations in which businesses must quickly adapt or face extinction. This dynamic is a particularly frightening scenario for workers, who may or may not have a lifetime of job security guaranteed.

Nevertheless, those who are considering a new career or who are pursuing a formal education do have options. While trends can shift, emerging forces in today’s economy highlight the inherent need for some careers over others. Pursuing one of these career opportunities – under these economic conditions – may prove to be very rewarding.

As such, let’s look at seven hot career opportunities that the market can’t get enough of right now.

Physical Fitness

It’s no secret that humans are getting older on average. This phenomenon is a huge part of the broader, rapid growth in the healthcare sector of the economy.

While many often think of traditional healthcare-related roles such as doctors and nurses, there is a slew of other related occupations that are seeing phenomenal growth.

Physical fitness instructors and trainers are seeing marked growth – and the demand for them is not going anywhere.

As one example, the demand for physical therapists and assistants is expected to grow by more than 30% over the next decade.

Even outside of this specific example, personal trainers are becoming more popular (in large part due to expanding waistlines).

While technological alternatives to this occupation do exist, the investment that people feel when training with a real person will insulate this career from being replaced any time soon.

Financial Consulting

With each passing year, new and exciting ways to earn a living appear. Technology in particular is revolutionizing everything about our economy – but that doesn’t mean that people are suddenly better money managers.

The world of financial consultants and advisors is continuing to expand, with more than enough growth projected to justify pursuing a career in this field. From managing portfolios to providing individuals and families with long-term planning services, there isn’t likely to be a shortage of demand for these services in the future.

Much like with the healthcare sector, people living longer, and needing to budget/plan for the inevitable is spurring much of the growth in this field.


As alluded to previously, doctors and nurses are experiencing some of the greatest job security in this climate. Due to both greater numbers of people and longer lifespans, nurses in particular are in high demand. While pursuing the path of a doctor is extremely costly and time-consuming, many nursing fields can be obtained with as little as two years of education.

Given that nursing careers tend to pay better than the average career with a comparable level of education, many see not only a long-term form of job security, but a well-paying career as well. With nurse practitioners projected to grow in demand by 40% over the next 10 years, there are few occupations that provide such a level of job security.


While automation and technological shifts may be threatening some occupations, there are careers that are actually being bolstered by its presence. Specifically, the world of manufacturing – while undergoing a tectonic shift, no doubt – is ripe with opportunities.

One such example is the emergence of lean manufacturing. As businesses seek to become as efficient as possible, those who possess the experience to manage work-floors and factories with minimal waste become ever more valuable. Earning a degree via an accredited lean manufacturing online degree program can be done in as little as one year.

While machines and algorithms continue to eliminate the need for human labor, that dynamic will still require skilled manufacturers with formal training in highly-specific niches.

Green Energy

As the need for new and renewable forms of energy continues to grow, the entire planet is adjusting to this economic reality. One of the fastest growing job sectors in the economy is undoubtedly based in green energy, with a variety of specific career options to consider.

In particular, solar energy technicians and wind energy technicians are exploding in popularity. Not only do these units need to be installed – and in exponentially larger numbers with each passing year – but they require long-term maintenance as well. This segment of the economy is expected to double in size over the next decade, making it by far one of the most secure career choices for those seeking a reliable, long-term occupational choice.

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Software Development

There’s absolutely nothing in this world that would work properly without ingenuity, experience and skill. Especially in today’s modern world, virtually every form of technology is guided by programming or software of some kind. With more and more tasks and functions becoming tech-driven, the demand for those who can code, develop and program continues to increase as well.

Software developers can enjoy ample job security and astoundingly good pay; most earn more than $100,000 per year for their efforts. There are a variety of different software development niches, each of which require specialized skills. However, those with the knowledge to build software can rest easy knowing that their talents will always be needed.


Last but definitely not least, where would the world be without educators? Responsible for spawning each new generation of skilled workers and leaders, the role of education in our society is often understated. Yet what isn’t understated is the market’s demand for educational professions.

While most will commonly think of teachers in the public-school system or at universities, there is an increasing need for educational careers in many fields. Some options include personal tutors, managerial and administrative roles within schools, industry-specific trainers and even guidance counselors. With nearly 40 percent growth projected in this industry over the next decade, these professionals will not have to worry that their jobs are being automated or outsourced.

The paths are wide open; those in pursuit of a new, exciting and stable career opportunity have many options. These seven examples highlight the versatility and potential that exists in our 21st century economy, regardless of technological or economic upheaval.

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