Adrenaline-Pumping Jobs for Thrill-Seekers

Adrenaline-Pumping Jobs for Thrill-Seekers
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    Some people dream of a stable job with a relaxing commute and a serene corner office.

    Others crave something a little more exciting—something that really gives them a sense of purpose, of feeling alive, of giving back to the world in a tangible way.


This could be a career as a first responder, an astronaut, or a skyscraper construction worker. From emergency services to the entertainment industry, here are the top adrenaline-pumping jobs for thrill-seekers.

Air Traffic Controller

When your job is to control airplanes, there’s no room for error. Literally thousands of lives are in your hands, from the moment you clock in to the moment you punch out. And when an emergency happens? The pilot, crew, and hundreds of passengers must rely on you to get them safely to the ground.


To some people, the thought of exploring volcanoes is an exciting one. Volcanologists spend their working hours traveling to remote locations and studying volcanoes. While you try to determine how and why volcanic eruptions take place, you risk experiencing an eruption for yourself. More than likely, you will also experience extreme weather conditions.

Bomb Squad Technician

When someone receives a suspicious package or a bomb threat, the first person they’ll call for help is you. Once you arrive at the scene, it’s up to you to investigate, deactivate, and potentially transport the device to a safe location.


Going to space sounds cool, but have you really thought about what it takes to get there? You’ll endure blastoff and rocketing through the atmosphere at incredible speeds. If your mission calls for you to exit the spacecraft, you may have to enter space—yes, space—to complete the task at hand.

Underwater Welder

Perhaps one of the most dangerous adrenaline-pumping jobs for thrill-seekers is that of an underwater welder. Not only are you working beneath the water where one mistake could mean drowning, but you are also working with live electricity.

High-Rise Construction Worker

While safety measures have improved dramatically over the years, building a high-rise or skyscraper is still incredibly dangerous work. There’s a myriad of hazards to jobsite safety for a construction worker, from heavy machinery accidents to asbestos exposure and electrocution. While the job is important, working construction—especially on skyscrapers—is a thrilling and potentially dangerous one.

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