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7 Car Buying Considerations for New Car Shoppers

Tweet Smart tips when shopping for a new car. If you’re in a position to buy a new car, there are seven car buying considerations to weigh before you make

Home Financing

Refinancing your home mortgage – When and why would you opt for it?

Tweet If you want to opt to refinance home mortgage then you should have a clear idea about what it is all about. Refinancing your mortgage wouldn’t pay off your

Money Management

Personal Finance 101: What Is an Asset?

Tweet By John Smith This article will help identify assets and explain their importance for home budgets. Assets Defined An asset is anything that you own and that has value.

Autos Express

Why Car Leasing Beats Car Financing

Tweet And I will say this: car leasing is certainly not for everyone, particularly if you plan to leave the country, or your car needs are likely to change before

Money Management

7 Ways to Legally Make Money Fast

Tweet When you need some hard cash in a hurry! Read on and we’ll take a look at some of the best ways for you to legally make money fast.

Business Services

Free Money Sources for Your Small Business

Tweet How to give your small business aspirations a shot in the arm. Operating a small business requires dedication, something you may not think that you have, but could soon


Are You on the Right Path to Retirement?

Tweet Depleted savings, ravaged 401(k) accounts, sinking home values and high unemployment have savaged incomes and personal values, making it difficult for many people to rebound fast enough to retire

Money News

How to Survive a Double-Dip Recession

Tweet How are you reacting to bad economic news? Still, no matter how poorly the economy performs, there are always opportunities for enterprising people to survive what may prove to

Consumer Tips

Free and Easy Vacation Saving Ideas

Tweet However, if you really want to get away there may be some ways for you to offset your costs by taking advantage of free and easy vacation saving ideas.