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6 Important Tax Tips for 2012

Tweet Enjoy your Christmas and New Year’s holidays, but set aside some time now to get your tax planning in order right now. 1. Charitable donations. If you itemize your

Tax Tips

Tax Software: Should You Do It Yourself?

Tweet With the former choice, you can ensure that the person that does your taxes knows what he or she is doing. With the latter, you risk making important mistakes,

Tax Tips

How Charitable Donations Reduce Your Tax Burden

Tweet Charitable donations made to your church, synagogue, mosque or other religious group as well as to the Red Cross, the American Cancer Society and to Goodwill can be declared

Tax Tips

3 Tips for Reducing Your Taxes

Tweet Add these taxes up and you may be spending far more that what you imagine for government services. You can reduce your overall tax burden by employing one or

Tax Tips

How to Pay Your Quarterly Estimated Taxes

Tweet Estimating and paying your quarterly federal taxes. Local taxes, too, sometimes must be paid, giving self-employed individuals a lot to keep track of during the course of the calendar

Tax Tips

How to Fill Out IRS Form W-9

If you are a freelance worker or an independent contractor, your clients may need to obtain an important document from you to help them comply with Internal Revenue Service tax filing guidelines.

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How To Survive An IRS Tax Audit

Tweet You’ve just received the one notification everyone dreads: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has decided to audit your tax returns. Don’t panic: 1.4 million Americans were audited in 2009

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27 Business Tax Credits From The IRS

Tweet The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may have a wonderful Christmas gift for your business this holiday season: a tax credit. Tax credits come in handy as they are subtracted


The Tax Man Cometh!

Tweet If you’re like millions of Americans, today isn’t one of your favorite days. In fact, April 15th is downright distressing for many taxpayers as federal and state income taxes


Can An S Corporation Help You Lower Your Tax Liability?

Tweet Not just a few Americans are wondering just how far reaching President Obama’s many stimulus and tax packages will be. Inasmuch as President George W. Bush added to the

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Get Your Stimulus Payment While You Still Can

Tweet I was amazed today when I learned that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says that as many as four million American individuals had yet to collect their 2007 stimulus

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Using Your Stimulus Check For Home Improvements

Tweet When the U.S. Treasury starts sending out economic stimulus package checks this June, the hope is that the billions of dollars of money received by eligible citizens will be