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5 Smart Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Tweet Online Retailers Gear Up For Cyber Monday Onslaught Beginning in the wee hours of this morning, web servers around the world will be stretched to their limits. Today is

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27 Business Tax Credits From The IRS

Tweet The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may have a wonderful Christmas gift for your business this holiday season: a tax credit. Tax credits come in handy as they are subtracted

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Let Us Give Thanks!

Tweet Today is Thanksgiving, an important national holiday for Americans. Though technically a secular celebration, the day was set aside to give thanks to God for all of His abundant

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4 Twitter Tips For Small Business Owners

Tweet Twitter And Your Small Business When it comes to social media sites, Twitter offers a unique way for businesses to communicate by allowing them to send 140 character updates

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Is It Time To Review Your Home Insurance Needs?

Tweet 7 Tips For Every Homeowner Homeowners insurance is certainly easy neglect. No, I don’t mean neglecting paying actual premiums, rather examining your policy on a regular basis to see

Consumer Tips

4 Black Friday Secrets For Savvy Christmas Shoppers

Tweet On the day after Thanksgiving most Americans have two choices facing them: sleep in or head out for Black Friday savings. Yes, many workers are able to enjoy a

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Double Dip Recession Possible If Housing Slide Persists

Tweet Here’s an unpleasant thought: as the nation gradually pulls away from the worst recession in more than a generation, consumer confidence begins to wane and job creation evaporates. That

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2010 IIHS Safety Picks Announced

Tweet New rollover protection rating trims annual list. It used to be that to get on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) top safety picks list meant that your

Home Financing

Return of the HELOC?

Tweet Pity the poor HELOC. Ostracized by some as demonstrating what is wrong with the American consumer, the HELOC fell out of fashion when credit tightened and the financial markets

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Toyota Proposes Gas Pedal Fix For Runaway Toyota Problem

Tweet Earlier this month, we amplified a report from ABC News regarding their investigation into what is being dubbed as a “Runaway Toyota” problem involving select Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

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What Is The Value Of Your Business?

Tweet Business owners may wonder what the recession has done to the value of their enterprise. Sales are down, market share may have eroded, and demand for your products may

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Charity Gift Certificates Can Aid Your Cause

Tweet Concluding our week long look at the upcoming Christmas season, let’s expand yesterday’s talk about gift cards to look at a novel variation on that theme: gift cards that

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What You Need To Know About Christmas Gift Cards

Tweet All week we’ve been examining how to get the most out of Christmas this year. On Monday, it was all about getting your Christmas shopping done early. On Tuesday,

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Is It Time For You To Rethink Your Christmas Giving?

Tweet 4 ways to look at Christmas a bit differently. Christmas is the season where Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Savior for mankind. It is also a time

Consumer Tips

5 Smart Tips For Savvy Christmas Shoppers

Tweet Yesterday, we examined a number of good reasons why you might want to do your Christmas shopping sooner rather than later. Today, we’ll dig a little deeper to look