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Consumer Tips

Consumer Fraud Alert: ATM Skimming

Tweet Using an automatic teller machine (ATM) has its risks especially at night, or in poorly lit areas, or wherever traffic is infrequent. A criminal element is often at work,

Credit Cards

How To Find A Better Rewards Card

Tweet So, how are the new government credit card regulations working out for you? If you are like most cardholders, the terms of your credit card agreement have changed, perhaps

Home Improvement

7 Home Improvement Stores

Tweet I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but here in north central North Carolina we’ve seen the snow melt and temperatures surge well into the

Business Services

Thinking of Selling Your Business? Step 1

Tweet As the economy begins its slow mend Americans are now examining what steps they can and should take to improve their financial position. The past two years have been

Consumer Tips

Home Refinancing Post Bankruptcy – Is This Possible?

Tweet As the financial markets heave, millions of American are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with their bills. Furloughs, lay offs, and salary reductions are weighing in. In

Money News

Advocacy Group Marks One Year Stimulus Anniversary

Tweet Citizens Against Government Waste derides Obama Administration Spending Spree In cased you missed it, February 17 marked the one year anniversary of the passage of the Obama administration’s American

Consumer Tips

How To Survive An IRS Tax Audit

Tweet You’ve just received the one notification everyone dreads: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has decided to audit your tax returns. Don’t panic: 1.4 million Americans were audited in 2009

Credit Reports

Credit Bureau Blues? Contest That Debt!

Tweet Credit reports contain important information concerning you including where you reside, work, in addition to particulars in relation to your credit history. Lenders, employers, landlords, hospitals, and various parties

Consumer Financing Home Financing

The Best Way to Obtain a Home Equity Line of Credit

Tweet A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is type of revolving credit. When selecting a HELOC, your residence serves as collateral for your loan. If you have accumulated equity

Consumer Tips

Enjoy Tax Credits For Energy Conservation

Tweet Who knew that conserving energy in the home can be so very beneficial financially? If you made a purchase in 2009 or are planning to make one in 2010

Money News

Surging Property Taxes Contribute To Timeshare Foreclosures

Tweet Owning a timeshare can offer some important benefits including allowing you to return to a favored vacation spot on a regular basis without worrying about hotel accommodations, unfamiliar surroundings,

Consumer Tips

Finding Food When Everyone Else Panics

Tweet I just got word from a friend who lives in the snow belt—currently defined as that swath of land from Virginia northward through New England—that their local grocery store

Social Media

Google Buzz Arrives In Gmail

Tweet Finally, Google has launched its alternative to Twitter and Facebook. Google Buzz is here, but you can only access this feature if you have a Gmail account. But, if


Will You Still Be Able To Retire On Schedule?

Tweet Over the past few years, millions of Americans have come to the realization that their retirement plans may have to change. With pensions and retirement accounts decimated, housing values

Fun Stuff

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Tweet There are major holidays and then there are Hallmark holidays, the latter falling under the category of less important celebrations which are still oftentimes acknowledged through the sending of