The Tax Man Cometh!

The Tax Man Cometh!


If you’re like millions of Americans, today isn’t one of your favorite days. In fact, April 15th is downright distressing for many taxpayers as federal and state income taxes are now due.

Tax FormsTrue, just as many Americans have received refunds or aren’t paying any taxes whatsoever, a curiously odd spin on the phrase, “taxation without representation. ” Instead, tens of millions of American are represented without having to pay any taxes whatsoever.

Everybody Should Pay Taxes

Do I think that everyone should pay taxes? Absolutely! Our great nation was founded with the idea that people should pursue their own happiness which is obtained in at least a small part by relying on themselves and working with each other, without expectation of government help.

Don’t get me wrong — I grudgingly accepted the fact that some government intervention in our lives especially in the form of social security and medicare is something that I can live with. Both programs are highly imperfect, but if they were managed properly they would provide what most older Americans need: a safety net. Unfortunately, each one is a money pit.

Your Vested Interest In America

Now back to my main point about why everyone should pay taxes: people who are looking for a vested interest (ownership) in their government (of the people) can truly only claim that interest if they contribute to the country by voting, paying taxes and through public service.

True, not everyone should join the military or work for the government — instead, community service is a much needed substitute as armies of volunteers have proven down through the ages.  Legions of people have helped build, support and sustain local, state and federal governments through their selfless and tireless actions, work that has helped to make America great.

A One Page Form Would Do

I don’t have a plan on paper which outlines how shared taxation would work, but I know that it involves a whole lot less paperwork than what most people have to deal with. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is mandated to collect taxes on behalf of the U.S. Treasury, but each year their tax returns seem to get longer and more difficult to figure out.

Despite the help of Turbo Tax and other tax preparation software, Americans routinely spend days accumulating forms, checking their records and inputting data. Computers have made some of the work easier, but it still takes much too long to do what should be an easy process. I’m all for straight across the board taxation, using one page of data to collect tax information much like the 1040EZ which can now only be used by single tax filers and joint filers who don’t have dependents.

There has to be an easier and more equitable way to pay and collect taxes. Any suggestions?

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