Why Does President Obama Want Us To Finger Our Fellow Americans?

Why Does President Obama Want Us To Finger Our Fellow Americans?


Dissent is a good thing. At least that is what we heard for the last seven years of the George W. Bush presidency.

Throughout Bush’s two terms, beginning almost immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Americans heard charges that “Bush knew” when it came to the attacks or that he purposely had information planted that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction at the ready. True, the Bush administration had its problems, but not once did our nation’s 43rd president call on Americans to send notes to him when someone disagreed with his policies.

Whether done quietly or noised from a megaphone, dissent is part of the American way of life. However, the recent White House campaign to flag emails sharing disinformation runs contrary to the first amendment.

Whether done quietly or noised from a megaphone, dissent is part of the American way of life. However, the recent White House campaign to "flag" emails sharing "disinformation" runs contrary to the first amendment.

Our current president, Barack Obama, was supposed to have been our nation’s first post partisan president, our country’s Healer In Chief. Obama ran a campaign based on change and managed to pull in most independents and plenty of Republicans as he swept to victory last November. People were glad that neither a Bush nor a Clinton would occupy the White House, believing that the first president of African ancestry would be the best hope for a new generation.

Quite frankly, the day that Barack Obama was sworn into office, he had his plate full. America was winding down a war in Iraq, but spooling up its conflict in Afghanistan. The economy was in tatters, having gone through a major market meltdown the previous September. Clearly, the young president had a lot on his plate, which meant that many Americans were more than willing to cut him some slack regardless of their political affiliation.

Even when a huge bail out was proposed, most of America stood fast with Obama. Following interventions for both Chrysler and General Motors and the continued aid to our big financial institutions, the president’s support remain strong. After all, many people believed that this “once in a lifetime” financial crisis required extraordinary intercession on the part of the federal government and were willing to give the president some much needed room in order to take action.

The president’s fast move to reshape the economy isn’t without its perils, however. While Bush seemed to spend like no Republican before him, Obama has abandoned all restraint and has driven the deficit up to record levels. Worse, his proposed health care plan has Americans worried, a 1017-page mostly unread bill that isn’t getting the scrutiny it deserves from members of Congress. It was only when Americans began to read the bill themselves, and object, did the president begin to see widespread opposition sprout.

Instead of seeing opposition for what it is – Americans showing concern about the program’s cost and interference in our personal lives – the president’s staff has decided to launch a campaign to discredit the opposition. Specifically, in an amazingly poor way of handling dissent, the White House website is asking supporters to report when they receive “an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems “fishy” to an official e-mail address: flag@whitehouse.gov.

Yes, the Obama administration has launched a snitch campaign and had this been President Bush doing the very same thing, he would have been excoriated by the media and rightly so. Instead, most of the liberal media lapdogs have kept silent or have joined the chorus.

The Obama administration would love to believe that this opposition is part of some sort of vast right wing conspiracy, but it isn’t. Instead, Americans of every political stripe and background are coming to the conclusion that our federal government is on a spending spree, one that could ultimately destroy our economy.

Most Americans believe that health care reform is the right way to go, but snitching on Americans who object to what is being proposed smacks of totalitarianism. It is time for the President Obama to hit the reset button in his quest for unbridled national health care and begin listening to the Americans he has promised to serve.

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