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Travel Tips

Top 30 Travel Tips For Safety’s Sake

Tweet Journeying to unfamiliar destinations can expose you to the kind of difficulties you do not want to go through while on the road including robbery, rape, or murder. Tourists

Home Selling

How To Sell Your Home In A Lousy Market

Tweet You must be crazy if you’re thinking about selling your home right now! At least that is sentiment of some homeowners who see potential job loss, plunging home values

Money News

Back To School? You Can Help!

Tweet School children are heading back for another year of education, hopefully this will be a good one for all concerned. Some kids are home schooled, others attend private schools,

Home Tips

How To Transplant Your Trees

Tweet Real estate agents are quick to point out that a yard with its fair share of healthy trees can help a home sell for more than a piece of

Home Improvement Home Tips

4 Ways You Can Reduce Your Energy Usage

Tweet Our family no longer lives in the northeastern US, but we have relatives and friends that still do and they’re glad that they haven’t needed to use their air-conditioning

Home Improvement

You Can Save Money On Your Bathroom Renovation

Tweet Friends of ours recently sold their home, less than two weeks after putting it on the market, and at 99% of their asking price. This news was encouraging for

Credit Cards

New Rights For Credit Card Holders Start Today

Tweet Beginning today, consumers have new rights under the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act. New rules designed to protect consumers are being rolled out in steps with full

Business Services

7 Hot Tips For Business Start Ups

Tweet Some analysts are declaring that the recession has ended, indicating that good times are now upon up. Indeed, after bottoming out this past March, the stock market has reversed

Consumer Tips

Are You Prepared For The Next Hurricane?

Tweet All eyes are on the tropics as the first group of named storms crop up, with one or more poised to make landfall over the coming days. For people


Is The Obama Administration Fighting Against Americans?

Tweet Supporters of the president seem to be defensive over dissent. Dissent is the American way of life. For more than two centuries, Americans have spoken out about what they

Consumer Tips

How To Reduce Your Home Insurance Costs

Tweet If you own your own home, having insurance on it in order to cover possible losses is essential, even required if you have a mortgage. Losing your home to

Consumer Tips

More Back To School Shopping Tips

Tweet Back on July 27th, we featured several tips which were designed to help “back to school” shoppers save money as they prepare their kids for school this academic year.


Is Making A Profit Evil?

Tweet Businesses are under attack and it isn’t just the competition giving them a work over. The federal government, political activists and every day people are objecting to businesses making

Consumer Tips

7 Tips To Help You Save Money On Groceries

Tweet Clip Coupons – Maybe you hate clipping coupons, but you really love saving money. This used to be a dilemma that many consumers faced until “clipless” coupons arrived on