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US Remains Unprepared For Weapons of Mass Destruction Threat

Tweet President Barack Hussein Obama gave himself a high mark when he appeared on the Oprah Show in December 2009. When asked by the host what sort of grade he

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ACORN Scandal Reflects Poorly On Community Organizers

Tweet ACORN or the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now has been receiving some unwanted media attention lately. It seems that a pair of undercover journalists visited an ACORN


Why Does President Obama Want Us To Finger Our Fellow Americans?

Tweet Dissent is a good thing. At least that is what we heard for the last seven years of the George W. Bush presidency. Throughout Bush’s two terms, beginning almost

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Will ObamaCare Force Insurers To Close Shop?

Tweet The national health care plan (or ObamaCare) being debated by Congress and pushed by President Barack Obama appears to be headed for a setback, at least temporarily, which means

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Health Care Reform: What Is At Stake

Tweet For decades now, Americans have been hearing about health care reform but haven’t seen a comprehensive bill passed that will guarantee insurance for all citizens. We’ve seen Medicare and

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Home Foreclosures Expected To Ramp Up

Tweet Despite throwing hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars at the problem, the Obama administration will not be able to exert its increased influence over the financial marketplace