How Shutdown Decisions Of The Government Can Affect Your Health

How Shutdown Decisions Of The Government Can Affect Your Health
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    Apart from the mental stress and shock that you usually receive at the beginning of each financial year...

    ... or just after the national budget are made public, there are other government decisions that may lead to stress that eventually affect your health.


This happens when the government decides to shut down a few agencies that helped you to stay healthy. These agencies have run out of money; and those agencies who have not yet received funds are expected to run out soon.

The budgets for major agencies such as Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control or CDC are not included in this exact round of budget consultations. However, there are several other government agencies and programs that have run out of money and are currently operated by a small number of unpaid staffs. These other agencies are the ones that will be running out of money soon after the government funding is withdrawn.

Add to that, with no positive signs of their earning resources reopening any time soon, there are thousands of federal employees who are waiting at home or are working without any pay. These interruptions are affecting the health and mental state of the people on the whole.

Signs of Hope

As far as the public health front is considered, there is still some good news. These are:

  • The budgets for CDC and Health and Human Services are exempted from such budget negotiations
  • Veterans Affairs or VA health care will run its business operations as usual as it is fully funded through 2019
  • Programs like Medicaid and Medicare will continue on as usual
  • The CDC will still run its flu season operations on a regular basis.

These are all significant factors that will help you to maintain your good health.


There are also other significant moves and exemptions made by the government in these budget discussions. The Food and Drug Administration will be allowed to continue its work even without funding. This is a very important agency that ensures safety in food consumption. This agency directly and indirectly helps in several different ways such as:

  • It helps to protect from any food-borne illnesses
  • It supports recall of any product or food that may be in direct danger
  • It performs regular and proper screening of food imports.

However, around 40% of this agency is furloughed; and as for the rest of the staff, they are not paid while they do the work.

Much similar to the FDA, the Environmental Protection Agency also faces the same fate and results. This agency keeps doing its work that is necessary to protect the life and property of people. However, in the case of EPA:

  • Only 800 out of its 14,000 employees are still on the jobs
  • This agency provides support to some particularly perilous Super-fund sites and decides which one of these is critical
  • They respond to environmental emergencies.

There are however several inspections, clean-up and monitoring activities that are on hold. For example:

  • The agency is not testing Lower Cape Fear River water for toxic chemicals in North Carolina
  • The cleanup activity at Housatonic River in Pittsfield that is contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyl has been suspended
  • A public hearing on a particular Superfund site in Chicago was canceled.

SNAP and Other Programs

Millions of Americans are facing hunger due to the looming danger of closing down the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) due to the lack of funds. More commonly known as food stamps, this program provides assistance to more than 40 million people in the United States. If it runs out of money in February, you can expect a lot of surprising and unwanted cutbacks. This can result into rise of food insecurity resulting in unhealthy outcomes and an increase in health care costs.

The WIC program that provides food and infant formula to support women and children may also shut down in February.

Moreover, most of the federal employees being unpaid, it is a primary concern regarding food and health as well. While only a handful of employees who are higher paid may sustain for some time with their savings till the time the government re-opens others such as the TSA agents and janitorial staffs in the government buildings face greater challenges.

Health Care Services

Different native communities have lost health care services due to the shutdown. That means accessibility to immediate needs such as medical staff and facilities are cut down significantly. This will no doubt lead to lower health standards for sections of the country.

Historically, The IHS lacked proper funding to provide proper and adequate care to HIS patients even when they were under regular operations. Therefore, the shutdown will impose bigger challenges to this already strained organization. There will be systematic breakdown in the system that will lead to further health implications of the public in a more profound nature.

All of these interruptions may affect your health in the long run. This can result in a lot of stress and deteriorated mental conditions leading to depression. Often, the young generation turns to drugs and cannabis to reduce their stress; but in most of the situations, they end up doing more harm than good. This is because they overdose substances that in turn affect their brains by damaging the cells.

If you too face such depressed situation, think twice before resorting to these perilous options; it is best to consult with your doctor instead. However, if the doctor feels it necessary, you may be advised and suggested to use KYLÉ CBD pods. These can be very useful preventative medicines if taken in a controlled amount.

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