Is Tax Relief Really The American Way?

Is Tax Relief Really The American Way?


Look back over our nation’s history and you soon realize that taxation has always played a big role in how Americans define themselves. One of the reasons why the American colonies broke free from England was over the issue of taxation.

speak up!Colonists felt that the British royalty was exacting too many taxes with very little representation in return. The Boston Tea Party and other acts of revolt sharpened the differences between the two parties which ultimately led to a full scale revolution and the founding of a new nation.

Tired About Taxes? Then Do Something!

These days, Americans often feel that they are being taxed to death all over again. No, the English have nothing to do with all of the anger being vented by taxpayers all across our nation. Rather, politicians in Washington, DC as well as in state capitals and even on the local level are creating much angst for tax weary citizens. Do you feel overtaxed? If you do, you can fight back which is the American way!

No, you don’t have to redo the Boston Tea Party to get the attention of elected officials. Dump something into a river today and the environmental police will jump all over you! On the other hand, you can signal loud and clear your displeasure to your politicians that “enough is enough” when it comes to taxes by taking the following steps:

Gather Signatures – Create a petition and have eligible voters sign the petition is one way that you can tell your elected officials that you demand they hold the line on taxes. In some areas of the country an online petition may be sufficient while in other areas you will have to go door to door for signatures. Expect to spend plenty of time recruiting volunteers and helpers!

Put it to Vote – In California, citizens are famous for voting on tax relief through propositions that mandate the government cap real estate taxes. If your state does not have such a method of seeking relief, you could pressure lawmakers to put forth a ballot initiative regardless. Learn what the requirements are to establish a local response.

Get out the Vote – What a sad state of affairs it is when getting half of the eligible voters out for an election is considered to be a good thing. Encourage everyone you know to vote with their feet by hitting the polling place on Election Day!

Run for Office – If you have a vision to hold taxes in line, then consider running for office yourself. Stay away from the special interest group — instead, form a true people’s voice movement to get the support that you need and the mandate necessary to help bring about real change.

Change Begins With You

Yes, tax relief can be done through the democratic process. Get involved and build a government wide tax relief model that will benefit citizens nationally. A movement starts with one person — will you be the one to get the tax relief engine started?

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