Traveling Tips for Smokers

Traveling Tips for Smokers
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    If you're among the one in five Americans who still smokes or otherwise consumes nicotine, then traveling can be a rough and stressful experience in many situations.


From airlines that prohibit smoking during flight to trains and other public forms of transportation that do the same, the ability to break free and enjoy a cigarette break can often be hampered.

Even when driving by car, there are times when traditional cigarettes just won’t cut it. We’ve put together below a summary of several traveling tips that can come in handy for smokers who are hitting the roads or skies, and who just want to arrive at their destination without having a nervous breakdown.

Know Your Limits

How long can you truly go without a cigarette? Even with nicotine replacement solutions, sometimes we just need an actual cigarette. The act of smoking one can often relieve stress on its own. Because of this, long flights and drives can be excruciating when no prior planning is conducted. For long flights, it may be worth it to have a connecting flight with a layover to guarantee time for a smoke break, whereas driving trips with non-smokers should be coordinated to include enough necessary stops.

Pack an e-Cigarette

Most people are familiar enough with e-cigarettes these days to know that they are not the same thing as traditional cigarettes, yet they can provide the same physical benefits for stress relief and nicotine addiction as real cigarettes. Being able to use an electronic variation in a vehicle may be a great substitute that minimizes anger at you for needing to stop and have a smoke break every hour. While e-cigarettes cannot be used on flights, they are another solution to have on-hand before boarding and after departing the plane. Click here to see a selection of reliable e-cigarette and vaping solutions.

Know Cigarette Costs

When traveling to a different city or state, be aware of how much a pack or carton of cigarettes costs there. In some cases, it will be more sensible to stock up before you leave. In other cases, buying a carton of cigarettes to bring back home with you is a better idea. When factoring in state and local taxes, the price of a pack of cigarettes can cost half as much or twice as much as somewhere else. You don’t want to be caught off-guard before, during or after a trip when it comes to a higher cost per pack or carton.

Your best plan of action is to reduce smoking altogether. But that may be easier said than done. But your options:

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Be Prepared with a Light

The dilemma of the lighter: no matter how many you may have, whenever you need one most is when you cannot find one. Be sure to keep at least one lighter in your pocket, one in your luggage and one somewhere else at all times. When traveling through airports, it can be easy to lose a lighter or have a lighter confiscated. Likewise, when traveling via bus, car or some other method, dropping or otherwise losing a lighter is all too easy. You’ll want to be sure to have as many ways to light up as possible available. Another good idea is to include a set of matches in your luggage as well, just in case there are any issues with carrying lighters to or in a specific place.


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