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Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Jan 31: High Bank Fees and What to Do …

Tweet One of the fees banks are imposing are overdraft fees. These fees can occur whenever you withdrawal money from a bank account that has insufficient funds – in other

Money Management

How To Help Cover The Costs Of Medical Bills From Medical Emergencies

Tweet These tips can help make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed so you can focus on recovering. Seek Legal Help If your injury or illness is the result of a

Consumer Tips

Easy Exercises for People with Diabetes

Tweet Diabetes is an unpredictable disease. It can happen to anyone. There are no specific factors for diabetes, although overweight and family history of the disease is the major risk

Achieving Success

7 Tips for Financial Planning and Achieving Success

Tweet A person’s financial prosperity tells a lot about his own prosperity in his life. Many times achieving success means financial accomplishments. We all know the quote “Money can’t buy

Consumer Tips

Should College Students Have a Strict Dress Code?

Tweet Every once in a while the mass media and social media go into a tizzy because some college or the other in India is accused of announcing very strict


These Insurances Can Save a Lot of Money

Tweet Logically speaking, if the risks are the same, then the premiums should be the same across the board. But that is not always the case. Premiums on insurances differ.


The Investment Landscape: Where We Are, And Where We Want To Go

Tweet For Millennials and investors of any age, there is a need, however, to re-examine this stance, especially in light of the changes in the overarching financial situation. The time

Credit Cards

Credit Cards: A Brief Starter Guide

Tweet Credit cards are the most popular forms of consumer credit in the U.S. Cards have a dollar limit, which one can spend up to until they’re cut off. Every


How to Choose Investment Objectives – Prioritize Your Investment Strategy

Tweet We currently see more options than ever when choosing where to place our funds in order to invest them, yet every such investment can be brought down to one

Business Services

What Every Remote Workforce Needs

Tweet In addition to reducing expenses in general, working remotely contributes to both employee satisfaction and retention, reducing the likelihood of additional hiring and training expenses due to employee attrition.

ID Theft

How to Prevent Identity Theft: Don’t be a Victim! Here Are 8 Things You Must Know

Tweet It can happen to anyone, at anytime, and according to the FBI, roughly 10 million Americans fall victim every year. Identity theft is a serious threat with lasting consequences,

The Game of Life

Importance of Fitness for Good Health

Tweet Why you need Physical Fitness Being physically active involves ensuring that your body functions optimally. When you exercise regularly, you improve your overall health and the functions of various

Home Tips

Home Tips for Keeping Osteoporosis Away

Tweet The Power of Egg Shells A recent post on one of the social media websites appealed to me very much. This post had many home tips, and as usual

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Jan 17: Pending Foreclosure? Take Action …

Tweet If you have fallen behind on your mortgage, then you know red flags are popping up everywhere. Sometimes falling behind a mortgage just can’t be avoided. The loss of


Traveling Tips for Smokers

Tweet If you’re among the one in five Americans who still smokes or otherwise consumes nicotine, then traveling can be a rough and stressful experience in many situations. From airlines