Is Making A Profit Evil?

Is Making A Profit Evil?


Businesses are under attack and it isn’t just the competition giving them a work over. The federal government, political activists and every day people are objecting to businesses making money, in some cases demonizing the very people who provide jobs, pay taxes and support the local community.

What’s behind the move to make profit sound as if it is evil? A number of things including creating class envy, exerting government control and promoting unionization in a bid to push up salaries well beyond what the market can bear. Certainly, not every government or union action in meant to harm businesses, but in our current political climate, businesses large and small are under the gun.

Profitable Businesses Contribute To The Community


When businesses make a profit, even a large profit, they give back to the community and in ways not often understood by taxpayers. Let’s take a look at how profitable businesses share the wealth:

Taxes – The largest business in my area is an enclosed mall. With 144 stores, this business pays a significant chunk of property taxes while its various tenants collect sales tax money for the state. Without the mall, our town’s taxes would go up noticeably.

Jobs – Though businesses have cut millions of jobs over the past two years, when they’re hiring most businesses provide a decent living for their workers especially those with a degree, talent or experience that they need. Businesses pay a significant amount in payroll taxes for each employee and provide important benefits including health insurance.

Community – Small and large businesses alike support many of the community programs we’ve all grown accustomed to having. From little league teams to supplying the funding to complete an important downtown projects, businesses provide cash where tax money comes up short. Unless they are profitable, businesses cannot help the community.

Stability – Thriving businesses help stabilize the community via taxes, jobs and donations. Once thriving Detroit is a virtual ghost town thanks to the auto industry which has been steadily declining for four decades now. Over regulation, high taxes and out of control wages have hurt GM, Ford and Chrysler, with GM and Chrysler having recently exited bankruptcy court. Help your businesses and you’ll help your community.

Sure, some businesses make a heap of money, but where do you draw the line? Government restrictions on some industries have kept monopolies from becoming too strong while other restrictions including environmental, legislative and judicial sometimes have an adverse impact on businesses with little or no benefit for the citizenry.

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