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Home Financing

Pending Foreclosure? Take Action!

Tweet If you have fallen behind on your mortgage, than you know that this isn’t a good thing, however it could be one problem that you simply could not have

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Law of Attraction: For the Birds!

Tweet Plenty of people in our neighborhood are working diligently to shape up their properties this season. Hard work done now can reap terrific benefits later this summer, making lawn

Home Improvement

Fed Tax Credit, Rebates For Select Home Improvement Projects

Tweet If you’re planning a home improvement project for this year or next, you may want to take a look at the legislation that President Barack H. Obama signed into

Autos Express

New Car Now Or Wait For Cash For Clunkers?

Tweet The U.S. Congress is debating the merits of a federal government program where buyers of news cars could be entitled to a hefty discount on their purchase if they

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Garden Edging For The Perfect Lawn!

Tweet When I purchased my first house many years ago, I struggled to keep the lawn out of the garden and vice versa. Grass frequently invaded territory occupied by the

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You Can Repair Your Garden Hose

Tweet Mention to someone that you’re repairing  a garden hose and you’ll probably get a “why bother?” reply. After all, when it comes to stuff you own around the home,

Autos Express

10 Environmentally Friendly Cars This Earth Day

Tweet If you’re in the market for a new or barely used car, perhaps you’ve been giving some thought to the number of environmentally sensitive passenger vehicles now on the

Home Improvement

Simple Gutter Repairs You Can Handle Yourself

Tweet We replaced the gutters on our home less than two years ago when we had the roof replaced. Good thing too: the gutters were in bad shape, leaking in

Home Buying

Safe, Quick House Closing Tips!

Tweet With the spring home selling season moving forward in earnest, perhaps you have already found a home that you like and have been approved for a mortgage. If that

Achieving Success

Achieving Success BLOG

Tweet BLOG postings: (link to Achieving Success BLOG for PDF downloads) Execute Success: The Evaluation Process I saw a fleet of fishing boats . . . I flew down almost

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Mulching For Beauty & Conservation

Tweet Garden beds all across the country are coming alive as the spring season advances. But that also means that weeds are sprouting alongside of flowers and watering will soon

Home Financing

Home Foreclosures Expected To Ramp Up

Tweet Despite throwing hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars at the problem, the Obama administration will not be able to exert its increased influence over the financial marketplace


The Tax Man Cometh!

Tweet If you’re like millions of Americans, today isn’t one of your favorite days. In fact, April 15th is downright distressing for many taxpayers as federal and state income taxes

Consumer Tips

How To Save Money On Large Appliances

Tweet Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, ranges and refrigerators are each part of the modern home, contemporary appliances our great grandmothers would have loved to had on hand during their

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Gardens Offer Beauty & Food Savings

Tweet Home gardening has been growing steadily as a hobby for a number of years, but if my observations at my local Sears gardening center are correct, the biggest growth