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Money Management

Life Insurance and Your Payout Options

Tweet Death benefit options for heirs. If you are a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, the insurance company will look to settle with you and anyone else named. You’ll

Consumer Tips

Smart Considerations When Shopping for Life Insurance

Tweet Life insurance isn’t for everyone and there are different policies available. Read on for some smart tips on shopping and buying life insurance. Determining a need — Not every

Money Management

10 Smart and Sensible Ways to Save Money

Tweet Money saving tips for everyone. Read on for 10 smart and sensible ways to save money. 1. Make a shopping list and stick to it — Going grocery shopping

Consumer Tips

3 Tourist Driving Scams to Avoid

Tweet By Scott Desind By doing a little bit of research and learning about some of the most common tourist driving scams, you can protect yourself and your bank account.

Consumer Tips

How to Document Your Auto Insurance Claim

Tweet Quick thinking and accurate documentation can save you money. You’ve just had an accident with your car. Everybody is okay, but your car took a beating. If your auto

Autos Express

7 Ways to Get the Most Money for Your Used Vehicle

Tweet The same thing applies to selling your car. Below, you’ll find seven important tips to help you get the most for your used vehicle. 1. Remove stains. One of

Autos Express

3 States That Gouge Drivers with Speeding Ticket Fines

Tweet By Greg Muender This reflects not only the great diversity of our country, but it also reflects just how creative some state legislatures can get when it comes to

Consumer Financing

What You Need to Know About Debt Consolidation

Tweet Consolidating your debt can save you money. If you are in debt, you may be looking for ways to reduce the amount you owe in a bid to retire

Tax Tips

How to Pay Your Quarterly Estimated Taxes

Tweet Estimating and paying your quarterly federal taxes. Local taxes, too, sometimes must be paid, giving self-employed individuals a lot to keep track of during the course of the calendar

Credit Cards

How to Stop Credit Card Solicitations

Tweet According to research firm Comperemedia, Americans received 1.2 billion mail offers for new credit cards in the third quart of 2010 and shows even more positive signs of resurgence

Money Management

What You Need to Know About Credit Unions

Tweet Should you put your money in a credit union? Unlike most banks, credit unions are member-owned financial institutions and are democratically controlled by its members. Credit unions exist to

Debt Management

Debt Consolidation Don’ts

Tweet Now that debt trails you around like a ball and chain, weighing you down and holding you back.  Is there a way to snap the shackles debt has clamped

Money News

JOBS Act and Your Small Business

Tweet Bipartisan support and a presidential signature. In the case of the JOBS or Jumpstart Our Business Startups bill signed into law last Thursday by President Obama, both sides can

Consumer Financing

How to Respond to Debit Card Fraud

Tweet When it comes to debit cards, you may find that fraud isn’t as common, but it still needs to be reported and handled to protect your rights. 1. Notify

Autos Express

How to Negotiate a Better Price for a New or Used Vehicle

Tweet You’ll have to deal with sales pitches and tactics, and you’ll have to know how to get the best deal possible on the vehicle. Whether you’re considering a pre-owned