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The Secret of Year-End Giving

Tweet Giving Secrets These and other questions may be going through your mind, making year-end giving a chore for you. Your thoughts may already be consumed with Christmas shopping, planning

Money Management

How Long Should I Keep My Financial Records?

Tweet Practicality is far different from reality, however. Legal documents, for one, are always of the hard copy variety and many of our taxes, bank statements and real estate matters

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When Do You Need An FEIN?

Tweet Whereas every American usually needs to have a Social Security Number, not every business is required to have an FEIN or EIN as it is referred as by the

Tax Tips

Why Year-End Giving Should Be Maximized

Tweet Reduce your tax burden by taking action now. Certainly, if you’ve been faithfully donating to your church, to a civic group or other organization, you’re likely to continue to

Tax Tips

6 Ways Kids Help Reduce Your Taxes

Tweet Putting a financial figure on children doesn’t seem right, but many people do just that. In an effort to show you that children are a manifold blessing from God,

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Free Money Sources for Your Small Business

Tweet How to give your small business aspirations a shot in the arm. Operating a small business requires dedication, something you may not think that you have, but could soon

Tax Tips

Last Minute Tax Tips & Strategies

Tweet Tax day has been moved to April 18 this year, giving taxpayers a few extra days to work on their returns in hopes that they can reduce their tax

Tax Tips

4 Steps For Effective Tax Preparation

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing tax preparation from time to time here on SayEducate.com. That’s important because if you find yourself still needing certain forms in early February, you will need to do some follow up work.

Tax Tips

How to Fill Out IRS Form W-9

If you are a freelance worker or an independent contractor, your clients may need to obtain an important document from you to help them comply with Internal Revenue Service tax filing guidelines.

Tax Tips

Tips for Maximizing Your Schedule A Tax Deductions

Every American has an obligation to pay his or her share of income taxes, but there is no need to overpay!

Tax Tips

Tax Deadlines: Don’t Ever Miss Them!

It’s tax season! Yes, we’re in that time of year when companies are scrambling to issue 1099, W-2 and other tax forms and taxpayers are deciding whether to buy a tax software program or find a professional to handle the job for them.

Tax Tips

Home Office Income Tax Deductions

If you have a home office, the IRS allows you to take deductions whether you’re self-employed or an employee. You must use that office exclusively and regularly for business needs and not for other purposes such as a den or bedroom, although certain businesses like daycare have different rules.

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Last Call For Fed Home Buying Tax Credit

Tweet Program ends this Friday First time home buyers looking to save $8000 on their purchase have until midnight Friday night to sign a home purchase agreement. Repeat home buyers

Tax Tips

Late Tax Filers Beware: Post Office Hours Curtailed

Tweet Some post offices will not be open late on tax day Taxpayers accustomed to completing their returns late on April 15 and heading to their local post office to

Tax Tips

Tips & Tricks For Last Minute Tax Filers

Tweet Tax Deadline Looms For American Taxpayers In case you aren’t aware of it, we’re down to the last four days before 2009 tax returns are due. Unless you are