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Home Buying

Surprise: Home Prices Rise in July

Tweet Home prices statistics have been released for July 2011 and that news is surprisingly good. In its monthly report released on September 27, 2011, S&P Indices has seen its

Money Management

7 Ways to Waste Your Money

Tweet How so? Read on and we’ll look at some ways you are spending more money on a variety of things then you need to: 1. Insurance — You’re already

Tax Tips

6 Ways Kids Help Reduce Your Taxes

Tweet Putting a financial figure on children doesn’t seem right, but many people do just that. In an effort to show you that children are a manifold blessing from God,

Autos Express

How to Extend the Life of Your Car

Tweet Car saving tips for the vehicle you love. With cars now so expensive, doesn’t it make sense to find ways to extend the life of your car? Even if

Consumer Financing

How to Save Money on TV, Internet and Phone

Tweet Bundled Services Other services that can be bundled include your television, Internet connection and phone service. These three, previously handled by separate providers, are now usually handled by one

Debt Management

Financial Counseling: What’s it all about?

Tweet The main goal of the service is to help consumers emerge out from debt troubles and manage personal finances better. The financial counselor is a professional who renders services

Home Buying

Short Sale Basics & Your Home Search

Tweet Navigating through short sale confusion. Quite unexpectedly, you find a home that you both love and one that is priced $20,000 under your budget. Giving each other a “this

Consumer Tips

5 Signs it’s Time for a New Auto Insurance Agent

Tweet Are you satisfied with your insurer’s customer service? By Carol Montrose Unfortunately, a bad agent can make the whole experience entirely too difficult. If you think that your agent

Product Reviews

Money Management Tips

Tweet We all know we shouldn’t spend more than we earn, we need to manage debts such as mortgages and car finance schemes so we minimise unnecessary interest and we

Consumer Tips

7 Money Saving Tips for September 2011

Tweet With the economy flagging, finding ways to save money is of critical importance to everyone. The following seven money saving tips are timely and just the tonic needed to

Money Management

Smart Ways to Save Your Company Money

Tweet Laying off workers can impact morale for your remaining employees, a move that can also cause your productivity to drop. At this point you need all hands on deck

Tax Tips

Tax Deductions for New Home Owners

Tweet The federal government has provided a number of tax deductions you can take the next time that you file your tax return and in subsequent years. Points — Some mortgage

Money Management

7 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Tweet There are many ways for you to save money on car insurance. We’ve listed seven of these as follows: 1. Low Mileage Discounts – Auto insurers routinely base your

Money Management

5 Labor Day Financial Planning Tips

Tweet These days, school has already started, your family has been scattered across the country and no one wants to eat outside. You may still have people over and grill

Home Buying Home Financing

Protect Your Dream Home From Shady Mortgage Brokers

Tweet By Alex Levin Mortgage brokers work on your behalf to shop around at multiple lending institutions and find the best package deal for your home loan. While the best