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Debt Management

How to Consolidate Your Loans

Consumer debt is a time bomb for many Americans, ready to go off following the slightest financial setback or late payment to a creditor.

Autos Express

Toyota Recalls Top 14 Million Vehicles

Toyota Motor Corp. has announced a voluntary recall of 2.17 million vehicles, covering select Toyota and Lexus models.

Money News

Florida Leads Nation in Offering Top Health Care

Some hospital visits are unplanned, requiring consumers to make an instant decision on seeking emergency care.

Money News

Auto Insurance Myths Die Hard, Don’t They?

Red cars make auto insurers see green, right? Green, as in cash. Well, no.

Home Buying

Purchasing A Foreclosure? What You Should Know

When a property owner is unable to meet the terms of his mortgage and falls behind on payments, one route the lender may take is foreclosure.

Social Media

Facebook Trends and Tips for 2011

It may seem as if the entire world is using Facebook, but that would be an exaggeration.

Social Media

7 Hot Twitter Tips & Trends for 2011

Using Twitter – Is it for you?

Money News

Mortgage Rates Hold Steady Above 5 Percent

The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage is now above five percent, pegged at 5.16 percent according to’s weekly national survey announced on Thursday.

Consumer Tips

4 Reasons You Really Need Renters Insurance Now

Renters insurance is crucial if you are living in a building that is owned by someone else.

Book Reviews

Book Review: Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred

Today’s youngsters have plenty of “things” to occupy their time including electronic toys, video games, sport leagues and summer camp.

College Planning

Effective Ways for Women to Get Grant Approvals

An impressive number of female students are getting by with help from several institutions that freely offer grants to students.

Autos Express

Top 5 Insurance Companies

Need auto insurance? Let’s review the types of companies to look at.

Debt Management

How to Step Into the Balance Transfer Bandwagon With Caution

With the economy remaining in a sluggish state, many people are looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenses and free up some cash.

Home Tips

How to Choose Basic Garden Tools

Planting a garden can be satisfying, allowing the gardener to enjoy the fruit of her labors in short order.

Home Tips

How to Fertilize a Garden Inexpensively

By early spring, garden centers are mobbed by people picking up plants, considering various kinds of grass seed and deciding what types of fertilizer to get for their lawn and gardens.