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Consumer Tips

You Can Find a Credit Repair Counselor

Tweet The Federal Trade Commission is cautious when it comes to recommending a credit repair counselor, suggesting that nonprofit counselors should be considered including those affiliated with the Consumer Credit

Consumer Financing

How to Put Your Financial House in Order

Tweet What you spend — The problem most people have when it comes to financial matters is not knowing how much they spend. Overspending is a significant part of the

Credit Cards

Avoid Credit Card Fraud This Holiday Season

Tweet Christmas shopping can lead to an increase in identity theft. How can you avoid credit card loss and subsequent identity theft? Well, being mindful of what you’re doing is

Consumer Tips

Forget Black Friday. Sleep In.

Tweet You’re expected to get up well before the crack of dawn, throw on some clothes and head out to the mall to stand in line for one or two

Home Buying

7 Tips for Saving for Your New Home Downpayment

Tweet You’ll most likely need at least three percent (and sometimes up to twenty percent) of the home’s selling price in order to get into a home.  That puts you

Consumer Financing

7 Steps to a New Car Loan

Tweet Obtaining a new car loan involves taking several steps and, when successfully accomplished, can lead to you getting behind the wheel of a new car. 1. Check your finances

Consumer Tips

Cash or Credit: Which to Use?

Tweet Let’s take a look at those reasons: Delayed Payment — When buying with credit, you delay paying out money that may be earning interest. Certainly, low paying savings accounts

Money Management

How Long Should I Keep My Financial Records?

Tweet Practicality is far different from reality, however. Legal documents, for one, are always of the hard copy variety and many of our taxes, bank statements and real estate matters

Consumer Tips

Simple Living: Thrifty Tips for Families

Tweet 15 ways to save money without losing your sanity. Thrifty living is a mindset, one that causes you to consider every purchase, or at least those buys where you

Credit Reports

When Will My Credit Payoff Be Reported?

Tweet Those reports impact your credit score, a three-digit number that can make a difference between getting approved for a loan at a favorable interest rate or paying a higher

Travel Tips

How to Beat Exorbitant Holiday Airfares

Tweet Travel by air may remain just as popular as ever, but if you’re planning to fly, expect to see double-digit fare increases from over one year ago. And those

Business Services

Selling Your Business: Dressed for Success!

Tweet If your business has a fixed base location, you’ll want to ensure that the outside of the facility is visually appealing or otherwise risk losing a potential buyer. Let’s

Consumer Tips

How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

Tweet If we have a medical condition, prescriptions can maintain our health, even save our lives. The cost of such medicines can take its toll on any budget, therefore exploring

Consumer Tips

How to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Tweet The meal itself is usually an elaborate affair and an expensive one at that. Easily, you can spend hundreds of dollars on food, wine, desserts and appetizers, an expense

Business Services

Methods to Avoid When Developing Content for Your Site

Tweet There are no real quick fixes. Steady and high quality content will cost money. It takes those who have experience in business, and in life, to be able to