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Business Services

How to Get Money for Your Start-Up Business

Tweet Getting money for your start-up business involves exploring several options, including your personal resources and outside sources. 1. Review your cash on hand. How much money do you have

Credit Cards

New to Credit Cards? Some Tips for Beginners

Tweet Using a credit card responsibly is a great way to demonstrate to financial institutions that you’re a suitable customer for their services. If you’re new to credit cards, or

Consumer Financing

How to Apply for a Consumer Loan

Tweet Interest rates on secured loans are lower than unsecured consumer loans, thus you’ll strike a better deal with a lender if you can offer collateral. Personal loans are typically

Small Business

Accepting Credit Card Payments for Your Small Business

Tweet Accepting credit card payments can expand your business and there are options you can take to make dealing in credit possible for you and your customers. Small business operators

Consumer Financing

What You Need to Know About Debt Consolidation

Tweet Consolidating your debt can save you money. If you are in debt, you may be looking for ways to reduce the amount you owe in a bid to retire


4 Personal Budget Plan Tips

Tweet Budgets can be formal, with precise details showing how your money comes in and is spent and/or saved. You can also go with a less formal budget, one that

Credit Management

Smart Credit Management Ideas

Tweet Control credit or it will control you. Smart credit management ideas can help consumers maintain very good credit, by controlling it instead of the other way around. Let’s explore

Debt Management

10 Debt Management Tips

Tweet You may have little control on some things in your life, but one area where you can gain the upper hand is your debt. If your debt increased over

Credit Cards

4 Credit Card Shopping Tips

Tweet How to find and use a new credit card. Some creditors are persistent, sending you regular pre-approval notices or applications for new credit. This writer routinely receives new credit

Money Management

The Secret of Successful Budgeting

Tweet Trouble is, their “have” may be much more than what you have, which means someone has a budgeting secret that you are just dying to learn. Fortunately, smart budgeting

Consumer Financing

How to Put Your Financial House in Order

Tweet What you spend — The problem most people have when it comes to financial matters is not knowing how much they spend. Overspending is a significant part of the

Consumer Financing

7 Steps to a New Car Loan

Tweet Obtaining a new car loan involves taking several steps and, when successfully accomplished, can lead to you getting behind the wheel of a new car. 1. Check your finances

Consumer Tips

Cash or Credit: Which to Use?

Tweet Let’s take a look at those reasons: Delayed Payment — When buying with credit, you delay paying out money that may be earning interest. Certainly, low paying savings accounts

Business Services

Selling A Business: Prepare Your Documents

Tweet Six steps to prepare your business for marketing. Before you contact a business broker to arrange the sale of your business, you’ll want to review your company’s financial records

Money Management

5 Labor Day Financial Planning Tips

Tweet These days, school has already started, your family has been scattered across the country and no one wants to eat outside. You may still have people over and grill