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Autos Express

7 Car Buying Tips for Today’s Consumers

Tweet What hasn’t changed is making sure that you get a good deal on a new car, something that you can do by following the seven buying tips as outlined

Credit Cards

New to Credit Cards? Some Tips for Beginners

Tweet Using a credit card responsibly is a great way to demonstrate to financial institutions that you’re a suitable customer for their services. If you’re new to credit cards, or

Consumer Tips

Multi – Room Systems for Home Improvement

Tweet Sometimes, however, it’s the components that are invisible that make even more of a difference. Multi-room audio, video, and lighting systems can transform a comfortable room into one of

Travel Tips

How to Save Money on Airfare

Tweet You can reduce the cost of your airline tickets. Finding a cheap flight is more of challenge these days, but it isn’t impossible, provided you know how and where

Tax Tips

IRS: Where’s My Refund?

Tweet Missing tax money and how to get your refund. Refunds are processed in the order that tax returns are received by the IRS, but if a significant amount of

Home Tips

11 Reasons Why Renting Can be Better than Owning a Home

Tweet Here are 11 reasons why renting your home can be a better living solution than buying property. 1: You may be able to live in a nicer or more

Autos Express

Summer Heat Waves and Your Car

Tweet Summer can wreak havoc on your car too, causing it to breakdown and at the most inopportune times. You can avoid trouble by preparing your car for the highest

Home Financing

How to Secure Home Finance With Sub-Standard Credit: Surveying The Field

Tweet It is going to take a while before housing returns to pre-2008 figures. The economy has also done considerable harm to people who were not able to pay debts

Small Business

Advertising Options for Small Businesses

Tweet You could expand your budget, but that means allocating money from other areas of your business, funds that you simply cannot spare. Without a sufficient advertising campaign in place,

Consumer Tips

Frugal Minds Want to Know How to Buy Diamonds

Tweet By Ira Weissman When you know the facts about a particular product, you can make the most informed decision when purchasing, especially when identifying if the “deal” or “sale”


The Basic Types of Annuities

Tweet In the face of such choice, the main thing to focus on is getting an understanding of the basic types of annuities. To start the process, you can try

Small Business

Launch Your New Business Without Money

Tweet Is it possible to start a new business without any money? Yes, although your definition of starting a business will be different from how your state defines a business.

Consumer Financing

How to Succeed With Bartering

Tweet Trying to find what to barter in exchange for what you want isn’t always so easy. However, with some care and thought, you can find out what to barter

Consumer Financing

How to Apply for a Consumer Loan

Tweet Interest rates on secured loans are lower than unsecured consumer loans, thus you’ll strike a better deal with a lender if you can offer collateral. Personal loans are typically