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Most Important Financial Secrets to Lead a Happy and Prosperous Married Life

Tweet Not many people would approve of it, but practicality lies in the fact that both partners discuss their short term and long term financial goals in advance. Clear financial

The Game of Life

Gun Safety: What You Need to Know

Tweet Our founding fathers understood the importance of gun ownership with Richard Henry Lee of Virginia stating that “to preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the

Career Planning

7 Hobbies You Can Convert Into a Business

Tweet Well, don’t quit your day job just yet — you need to have a hobby that can be converted into something that brings in some money. And, just because

Consumer Tips

8 Top Power-Saving Gadgets

Tweet By Nick Simpson Today, nearly every home has multiple computers, numerous television sets, home theatre equipment, many electrical appliances for the kitchen, multiple cell phones and all sorts of

Home Tips

Boost Your Home’s Resale Value Through Home Improvement

Tweet According to the 2011-12 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, there isn’t a single mid-range project that will give you a dollar for dollar return on your investment. However, the

Consumer Tips

How to Choose Your Digital SLR Camera

Tweet By Phil C. Stone SLR technology has been around since the 1880s with the first camera sold to consumers in 1949. Today, SLR technology and digital photography are one,


Back to School Shopping Tips for Families

Tweet Money-saving tips we can all use. Well, that is exactly what we’re serving up here and for one good reason: a number of states have “tax-free weekends,” representing a

Debt Management

Get on Top of Debt Before it Gets on Top of You

Tweet For a person to maintain a positive or level credit score, he or she must stay proactive. He or she must complete certain actions that keep such a score

Travel Tips

How to Plan Your Fall Vacation

Tweet Foliage tours are popular throughout October. Early planning is essential if your trip has you visiting places where fall foliage is the main attraction, locations where a brilliant show

Travel Tips

Can You Fly in a Private Jet for the Price of a Business Class Ticket?

Tweet By Alexander Cohen Here’s how you might pull that neat little trick off. Find one-way discounts at the last minute offered by carriers that must occasionally fly their planes

Consumer Financing

The Good and the Bad of Car Leasing

Tweet 7 points about car leasing you should consider. Car leasing has several advantages and disadvantages, offering both good and bad points for consumers. Let’s take a look at what


Why Real Estate May be Your Ticket to Retirement

Tweet By Stacey Edwards We all know how that came out. Everyday people lost way too much money and the economy almost fell into a great depression. That explains why

Small Business

Accepting Credit Card Payments for Your Small Business

Tweet Accepting credit card payments can expand your business and there are options you can take to make dealing in credit possible for you and your customers. Small business operators

Home Tips

Managing Finances – Key to a Successful Marriage

Tweet Managing Finances – Key to a Successful Marriage While married life requires a lot of efforts on the personal front, it also requires a lot of work on the

Home Tips

Helpful Tips for a Safe 4th

Tweet It is also a day where safety is an issue, especially if you have access to fireworks. Let’s take a look at several safety concerns to be mindful of,